Snowflake Blizzard in Your Home

The snowflake display I showed you yesterday was based on a project my kids and I work on every year at home - sparked by the movie Elf.

The exact scene that inspired us? Around 54 seconds into the following preview:

See the way he decorates for Christmas? The paper chains? The snowflakes? Well, this is a child's dream and I figured out how to give it to them without sending the Big Guy over the edge.

All of us love the process of cutting paper snowflakes...the folding, cutting, experimenting, then the unfolding to reveal the wonder of the shapes we've created.

Would you like to create your own paper snowflake display? Here are the supplies needed to work on your own blizzard:

A stack of computer paper
A string of lights
Scotch tape
Hot chocolate
A good Christmas movie - preferably Elf!

Sit down with your kids and cut and sip and cut and giggle and cut and hug and cut and cut and cut...

Now, let's build this thing! For assembly instructions, check it out: My Winter Snowflake Display

Here is this year's snowflake blizzard, our ode to Elf:

And here are some previous snowflake displays we've worked on:


  1. It's lovely! We just watched Elf over Thanksgiving. Our new tradition.

  2. That is so pretty!! I love it! I think that will be a great project for us to do over the holiday!!

  3. What fun!!! Those look beautiful. I never would have thought to do it that way.

  4. You gotta love "Elf". This is a great idea too. The boys are only 2 and a 1/2 so maybe in the future or Jared and I could bust these out! :)

  5. That's awesome! We love Elf! I'm all for having a "magazine" Christmas, but that is beautiful....and something your boys will remember forever! We have a major snow day today and I can see lots of paper cutting and cocoa sipping in between jaunts outside to play in the real stuff!

  6. This is lovely, JUST GORGEOUS! I have never seen anything like this before.

  7. WOW! Your home looks wonderful Jen. I hope to remember and try to do something like that next year.

  8. that looks sooo beautiful!! i just found my snow day project for the kids!!!! thanks!

  9. What kid wouldn't love that?! It's so cute! I love Elf! I especially loved the way he decorated the store in anticipation of the Big Guy!!

  10. I would have never dreamed that would be that pretty all hung up like that.

  11. Very pretty, but what I like most is the memories you are creating with the kids. Thanks for sharing, think I will be doing this with my boys.

  12. That is amazingly beautiful! Just beautiful! :)

  13. Those are all so beautiful, but I just don't think mine would come out nearly as pretty! You are so talented and each of the displays is gorgeous!

  14. AWESOME! We MUST do this!! Thanks for the idea!

  15. HOW BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, and GLAMOUROUS!!! Love the snowflakes lit up!

    Sassy Chica

  16. Wow!! We have to get busy over here!!!...and we haven't watched Elf yet either!!

  17. Well Jen,
    you my magical snowflake princess have officially done it. I told you to keep coming with the Christmas posts. I said that it might eventually sink in. It did.

    Jason and I just spent the last two hours drinking spiked coffee and eggnog and making snowflakes. (He's better at it than me,btw.) Ugh! He says I should have had more to drink. That would have helped. I don't know about that, but anyway I digress.

    You have officially convinced me to get off my hiney and decorate. I'm quite sure that mine will not look at perfect as yours, but it's a start!!

    Thank you, my friend. You kicked my hiney into gear. ;)


  18. Oh, and we watched Elf in the process. Totally did it for me. ;)

  19. oh they are beautiful! i think you have inspired me :) and i LOVE the colored snowflakes, too! i never would have thought of that!

  20. Great idea! The paper chain gives me something to do with all of the extra paper left after cutting the computer paper into squares for the snowflakes.

  21. I so want to do this next year on the big hole wall between my living room and kitchen!

  22. Oh my goodness!! That is stunning. Elf is our favorite Christmas movie, and I have just the place to hang something like this. Thank you!

  23. I love this! We might have to try this-it's not too late. I love "Elf" and have always been inspired by his style of Christmas decorating!

    Thanks for the tutorial too!


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