My Hope Studios Etsy Shop is Back up and Running!

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Oh, was that holiday break I took from Thanksgiving to New Year's relaxing! I got a lot done around this place, I spent some quality time with my family, and just chilled. But, all good things must come to an end...and I have to admit, I was getting the creative itch to get myself up and running again. I missed my Etsy Shop!

I promised some new designs upon my return, and I can introduce them now! Drum roll please.....

For your "fur babies" I've designed a line of pet frames with paw prints worked into the background. This design is available in my 20x20 inch and 16x16 inch frames, as well as my 12x12 inch plaques.

As with all my frames and plaques, color, font, and quote are custom. Click here to take a look, or email me at jsneill@zoominternet.net.

I've heard from several professional photographers over the years, and their main request is for a frame to accommodate a larger photo. So, for all of you with professional or group photos, I introduce my Custom Memory Frame for an 8x8 inch photo. This size is easily cropped from an ordinary 8x10. You likey?

I have introduced a smaller Family Tree for those of you who want something for your immediate families. It's just right with a smaller 16x16 inch size and room for 2 - 8 leaves!

And finally, back after popular demand, the Affirmation Mirrors you might remember from the benefit I hosted in October. I try to choose uplifting, confidence boosting quotes for you to read while looking at yourself. Love yourself, girl!

I have several for sale right now over at Hope Studios The Shop, so click here to take a look.

And to give you a little background if you're not familiar with my shop, I keep it small because I believe in quality vs. quantity. I could pump out a crap load of cheap frames, but I spend time communicating with each customer to find just the right combo of colors, fonts, and quotes and then sit down and hand paint each and every one by hand on a solid wood frame.

I don't use stickers or vinyl cricut letters and I don't use stencils. For this reason, I have a huge returning customer base and boy, do I love those folks! I'm thankful to be a part of their happy family moments - marriages, new babies, anniversaries. I get to hear the stories and learn about their lives, and in many cases, we've become friends who communicate regularly.

So, in one respect I want to use this time to let you know I'm here and open for business, but I also want to thank my customers from the past year (I know some of them read here). Thank you for including me in your lives and happy memories. Thank you for updating me on the new arrivals and family stages. Thank you most for trusting me to help capture your precious memories.



  1. What great quotes. I love the Ralph W Emerson one - it's on my facebook page. :) Have a good week.

  2. Those are fantastic!! You are so creative and so GOOD!!

  3. Those are precious!! I love the family tree!


  4. Love them all but that family tree is brilliant!

  5. You are very talented - and smart to keep it more small and personal. :) Love all your new creations - and particularly that family tree! :)

  6. I just adore that family tree...so great!

  7. Your work is beautiful. I will be talking to as we get closer to Mother's Day :)

  8. Wow - all very cool!! I especially love the family tree. AWESOME!

  9. You a too sweet! And just for everyone out there.... I LOVE my 3 frames and have received many compliments!

  10. awesome new frames and those affirmation mirrors are exactly what everyone needs =D

  11. Very nice! I love the mirror and especially the family tree. Great job!

  12. They are so beautiful!, I too love the family tree! Off to checkout your store!

  13. I think I know where to come to get my next gift for my closest friend and family. Thank you.


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