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Hope Studios This Week

Well, we're movin' and shakin' over here at Hope Studios The Shop. Here are the custom orders I've completed for this week.

My Munchkin got 2 staples in his head in the ER on Wednesday after tumbling from his chair in big, bad 1st grade. Chalk up one more injury for the baby books...

And Slim Goodbody showed up at our school for an assembly. Yep, Slim. Goodbody.

The Slim Goodbody I remember looked like this (from Captain Kangaroo Days):

And the one that visited our school looked like this (rumor is that it's a son of the first Slim):

Let's just say that the years haven't lessened the shock of viewing a grown man in a full body suit, Richard Simmons 'fro or not.



  1. I love your custom orders! So sorry to see your little guy had to have staples in his head though...ouch!! And that Slim Goodbody - well, at least he isn't anatomically correct! aack!

  2. your frames are so beautiful!

    hope the little guy is doing ok...ugh, boys!

    i could never watch that guy...he freaked me out!!

  3. Very Cute frames!

    Oh, poor little guy! The local er might as well just keep a room open for our youngest...he a nut and fearless...very dangerous combo! Liquid bandage is our best friend!

    Guys in body suits are so creepy....at least all of the body parts camo's the real one ;)

  4. Love your new pieces....ouch on the staples though! We luckily haven't experiences staples...yet. Athough, stitches twice in one week...check!

    And Mr. Good Body! I forgot all about that guy. Creepy yet a funny reminder of our childhood. Now where did 3-2-1 Contact and Dr. Who go?? ;)

  5. Love the quotes on your frames.

    We were in the ER too this week. Not fun. Hope your guy is feeling better soon.

    Slim Goodbody reminds me of when we saw Dora the Explorer Live and Boots was a man in a full body suit (you could see everything if you know what I mean). Very creepy.

  6. oh my gosh! slim goodbody! i had erased him from my mind! mr. green jeans & picture pages are still there... but slim? wow!
    i hope you did not have to wait too long for those staples... i always recall my daughter's stapling with a grin! my husband was working in the er and so we walked right on back and the dr. just stapled her head while she was snuggled in her daddy's arms!

    and your frames? love them!


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