Show Me Your Screen Saver! Feedback Friday

I change my screen saver a few times a year and did so again near the end of last year. I love to look at what people put on their screen savers! Is it a peaceful image of a beach? Your dog? The coolest cupcake you ever baked?

I almost always use family photos. Usually something that makes me laugh or brings a happy memory. It's inspiring man, and it makes me smile every time I log onto the dang computer.

Here was my screen saver early in the year after our trip to Disney. This picture is HI-larious to me! Oh, and I look like hell and I'm wearing a Tinkerbell t-shirt, so looking pretty or well dressed is NOT a requirement!

And here is my most recent screen saver, my boys all dressed and painted up for a Steeler game!

Show me your screen saver! Maybe you posted the picture someplace on your blog or you can upload it to Flickr. I want to see! Please, please, please???



  1. Oh wow, I don't know how to upload a screensaver anywhere. I'm tech challenged! But, it's a serene island scene with lots of tranquil blue!

  2. Hey Jennifer,
    Visiting on behalf of the Jennifer's on MBC - beautiful blog.

    My screensaver is ALWAYS a recent photo of my daughter... :)


  3. Great pic of your boys..so colorful. Right now I have a photo of an adorable abandoned kitten in a shelter. I am trying to win my husband over, so I thought if he has to look at this little cutie all the time, I might wear him down. So far it's not working!! ;-(

  4. Its usually a pic of my boys...right now its the Christmas card picture, but the one with our dogs added...its horrible...dogs flopped over, no one really looking at the camera...but it makes me smile 'cause THAT is our house!

  5. My screensaver changes often. Depending on the season, it might be holiday themed…..and it is always of my dogs. They are cuter than me and my husband, so they get precedence!

    My current one is not holiday themed (I need to get a Valentine's pic of them). Instead it is them at the park. Taken yesterday and the pics are on my blog as part of the picture a day in 365 days that I am loosely taking part in… (http://uselessendeavor.blogspot.com).

  6. I currently have this pic of my daughter on my screen.

    I just love how she's looking right at you with those beautiful eyes.

  7. The second one down is on my computer at work: http://mommamadeitlookeasy.blogspot.com/2009/06/my-little-ballerina.html

    The first picture is on my computer at home:

  8. I always have mine of pics of the kids. I just changed it the other day to this one of them with a snowman. http://mamabeefromthehive.blogspot.com/2010/01/snow-day.html

  9. i love the splash mt photo! here is mine... the top pic on the post. welcome to the beach!


  10. I've got me and Julia posing in front of Cinderella's castle - or I did until my laptop died.

  11. Mine is a Christmas card picture as well of just my 3 kids. I guess it is time to update it!

  12. I love mine, it's a rotating series of all the pictures on my computer, kind of like a digital picture frame. It's fun because it brings up images of things that went on years ago that I'd forgotten about.


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