The Soul Sister's Christmas Party Recap!

I've kept you in suspense, haven't I? I told you all about our Christmas gift idea for this year (hand made ornaments for each other) and with all the cancellations, I never followed up! I'm sorry, but you know how it is.

Okay, here is the scoop. The Swine Flu reared it's ugly head and caused us to reschedule our party date twice. It seems the Soul Sisters were not meant to get together in the daylight hours. The was only one solution...go out for drinks! So, we tucked our kidlets in to bed, kissed our Big Guys goodbye, and hit up Houlihan's for a mini-martini sampler and some appetizers! Hoo, yeah, why didn't we think of this before???

We got ourselves situated in a round booth in the corner that was really like our own little room. Plenty of room to spread out with our many packages, private enough to gossip, and soundproofed a bit when the occasional hoot or snort escaped! Bonus!

You saw my Light Bulb Snowman last month, and here is what the rest of the girls came up with. Ironically, 3 out of five of us used the exact same photograph in the making of their ornaments!

Marzipan made this cute Christmas ball using a method she learned as a child. Remember these?

Girl in the Sticks made another type of delicate ball with the same photo with the picture printed on one side of a silvery reflective paper.

And Treat Girl framed us in that SAME photo to hang on our trees! By the time we opened the last one, we were in a blubbery mess of laughter that included snots and snorts...not pretty. (Oh, and one quick note about this photo...In my mind, I'm one of the tallest Sisters, I'm beginning to believe this is not the case.)

Finally, Joy found the cutest little birdhouses at the Dollar Tree that she embellished with birch bark, leaves, and a sequined birdie.

Then, Treat Girl and I broke the rules and pulled out some small additional gifts. Treat Girl's Happiness Jar was featured yesterday:

And I made everyone wooden spoons and rubber spatulas with their names on the handles (Walmart specials that cost me less than $10 for one of each for all of them!).

By this time, the booth was a wreck, the waitress was coming over to investigate our ornaments, and another waitress was taking our picture! Who knew so much fun could be had between 9-11:30 on a Tuesday night? For reals!



  1. How cool to have a group of friends that you can hang with, laugh with and have such a great time with!!

  2. That looks like FUN!! We do the same here with 5 girls. Each year we exchange gifts and they have to be handmade. I'll have to post about that next week. ;-)

  3. Looks like so much fun and I LOVE the ornaments. Lucky girl.

  4. Don't you remember, in that photo we were standing on a steep hill and you were at the bottom of the hill - you really could be the tallest soul sister!

  5. You girls have such a great bond together! :)

  6. What a blast! It's great to have a group of sistas to hang with!

  7. You all look like you had way too much fun!!
    I have a group of girls I hang out with once a month we also have way too much fun!!

  8. Ooh, that sounds so fun. And those ornaments were so cute! I love the silvery ball one!

  9. great gifts!!!!!!!
    oh and maybe you are not the tallest because you were standing in a spot that sloped down hill from all the rest?!?!?!? just a thought!!!

  10. Love it! Now you HAVE to get your friends to give us instructions for their ornaments. I want to make all of them!!!

  11. It worked out great that we snuck out at night....and how fun that we were tucked in that booth with all of our treasures!! Gotta get together to kick off the New Year!! I miss the Sisters!

  12. Jen, Happy New Year, girl. I'm just finally catching-up from my blog-coma. It seemed like Decemeber was a blur, so I apologize if I was MIA around the holidays. It seemed like a lot of bloggers were slow in my opinion.

    Anyway, I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season.

    And the ornaments featured in this post were very cute and well done.


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