Favorite Family Vacation - Feedback Friday

I'm sticking with the theme here people! Tell me this Feedback Friday...

What is your favorite family vacation? Why do you love it? What do you do to make is special for your children?

Happy Friday!



  1. Our favorite vacation is our yearly trip to Disney, so we are all soo jealous that you are there and we are NOT. We will be there in Sept. if not before. I hope you are have a blast.

    Cha Cha

  2. Our favorite vacation was going to NYC, we are from a very small town and everyone of the kids loved the big city and then going the Mystic,Conn. to play on the ocean beach. (too cold to swim!) The trip was full of first experiences for all of us and we had a ball! Theresa

  3. I don't have any kiddies yet but my husband and I love going to Sunset Beach, NC every summer (usually about 4-5 times). It's so relaxing and the food is amazing!
    Growing up my family went to Hilton Head Island, SC ever summer. We are beach people, can you tell? It was great! We would hang out at the beach all day, from sun up to sun down, then play games in the evening. I cherish those moments and cannot wait until I have children so we can go on vacations and have fun fun fun!
    This summer I am looking forward to going to Islamorada for a 7 day fishing trip with my husband. We wanted to go somewhere to celebrate 2 years of being married. I am super excited.
    Sorry this was so long.
    I hope you have a beautiful weekend! I just love your blog and enjoy reading it daily.

  4. This is going to sound so bad, but one of the best vacations I ever had was the one when my husband had to cancel last minute so the boys and I went by ourselves. I know that sounds so terrible, but we had a great time...we flew from Houston to Boston, rented a car and did the whole PLymouth Plantation, Mayflower, pilgrim and Salem Witch museum thing. It was great mostly because I had no censorship with the credit card! We went and did everything and had a blast! Sorry Dad! My guys talk about that trip to this day.

  5. Our favorite vacation is going to the beach. The kids hang out with their cousins, the beach is so fun and relaxing especially now that my kids can now carry stuff :)

  6. Ohh, my favorite was last year when we went on our first family vacation! :) hehe.. We're going in May and I loved reading your tips.. I'm a FREAK about planning (I match them too...) and plan on subscribing to the site you mentioned. LOVE IT. Keep the tips coming.

    Hope you have fun, you should have waited till May, we could have been travel buddies! :)


  7. Our favorite vacations include a beach...seems like every "family trip" we take has a beach involved and Lil D couldn't be happier...I swear his whole being lights up as soon as his feet hit the sand...it's amazing!

  8. We've only taken our kids on a few vacations - as in two. And they STILL talk about them. We went to this great place in Banff AB called the Douglas Fir and everything is inside. Like it's a hotel that is made for kids. so we rented a little A frame cabin and the in the hotel there are two different pools (one with water slides) hot tubs and all that, then an indoor play structure that is 3 stories tall plus a lot of other activities. It was AWESOME!

  9. We've had lots of family vacations, but the best one was last year when we rented a cabin on a lake for a week (we have yet to purchase our own) No plans, no cells, no computers. Just us, together. The most relaxing family vacation I've ever had.

  10. We love love love going to Sanibel Island in Florida. The kids are so happy playing on the beach all day long, while Mom & Dad read and take turns napping, topped off by dinner out every night. It's been a few years....can you hear the dreaming in my voice???

  11. We love taking the kids to Kalahari (indoor water park) in Sandusky, OH. We can usually get a great deal in November near the kids bday, and we spend 2 days/nights playing in the water.

  12. Jill, you rock. Ironically, I was thinking of Kalahari too. How funny is that. It's a great place for family vacations. And it's on the top of my list since we were just there.

    As a kid, one of the best vacations we ever had was going to Gettysburg, PA. Civil war stuff. Just fascinated me at the time.


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