What's up with Hope Studios? Saturday Wrap-up.

Here is what's been shakin' at Hope Studios The Shop this week. Some of these pictured are custom orders and a few are for sale right now. Happy weekend to you! See you tomorrow for a Sunday Funny :)

Hope Studios

All you need is love - www.hopestudios.etsy.com


  1. Those are adorable! I love them!


  2. We tried for a while to do something with that adoption creed when my niece was a baby. We didn't and now I wonder if it's too late to spring on her now that she's seven.

    Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy all of this sun!

  3. Get a towel girl and wipe up that talent that's oozing from your pores!! Beautiful ;-) Th Winne the Pooh is my fav...I love him

  4. Janet is right. You are oozing talent. Keep it coming. Not only do we enjoy it, it inspires us!!!

  5. Big Beatles fan so you had me there..then that Fried Green Tomatoes quote! LOVE IT! That would be so perfect for my bff. Have a great weekend...enjoy your driveway!

  6. Too funny I was just at my friend Debbie's house and she had that black all you need is love sign. She said she just bought it and she said if was from Etsy but couldn't remember from whom. I loved it and of course wanted one myself. Small, small world isn't it?

  7. aww so cute! I love the photos and messages that go with them =D

  8. love it! your work is always beautiful and tasteful.


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