Stuff I Learned - Tutorial Tuesday Wrap Up

Joy Beadworks blew my mind with this Gorgeous Birdbath she made using a giant skunk cabbage leaf and quick mix cement. For reals! I must learn how to do this, I already scouted the skunk cabbage!

Avid Accents taught us how to make this No Sew Bubble Skirt. I love me some no-sew fashion.

Mod Blog worked out this cute Mural accent for her baby's nursery wall. I can see this growing with her daughter and someday filled with photos.

Tina's Place came up with this fantastic Cookie Monster Cake for her two year old's birthday. Nom, nom, nom... What goes together more beautifully that two year old's and Cookie Monster? I mean, really.

The winner of this week's giveaway, the certificate to Hope Studios, The Shop....drum roll please....is Cha Cha!

Contact me if you'd like to be added to the June Giveaway Schedule! Have a great weekend!



  1. I've got some HUGE rhubarb leaves that I thought might work for that birdbath too. I love your tutuorial Tuesdays - it's like one-stop shopping!

  2. I LOVED Joy Beadwork's birdbath! So much cooler than my little terra cotta saucer ☺!

  3. Wow - that birdbath - I am speechless! Very cool!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Becolorful and commenting about paint color names. Now I want to see that bamboo shoot and anjou pear. I'm thinking a house post is in order from you. :)

  5. What fun things this week! That birdbath is spectacular!

  6. Jennifer~We've got a couple concrete leaves that my husband has made into a water feature. We purchased them from a vendor that participates in the same bazaar as we do. Every year we're tempted to add another to our collection. I hope to take photos this summer of the two we have.
    Thanks for strolling in for a visit.
    Sweet wishes,

  7. i've used hosta and rhubarb leaves. my youngest child helped me and had tons of fun with it. we did a color wash with a couple for fun.

  8. That skirt is great! I'm going to have to give it a try this summer :) I have given you the Versatile Blogger award! Please stop by my page for more info.


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