Sunday Funny

(For some reason this published early! Sorry to those who already scoped it out)

Is this too much? Am I about to cross the line? Either way, I got a laugh out of this, maybe it's because I'm a mother to all those BOYS!


  1. Oh Em Gee Jenn. I just laughed out LOUD. These commercials make me miss living in Europe! haha.
    My father would have loved this. I used to forward your especially good Sunday funnies to him. He passed away last month. I wonder how long it's going to be before I stop thinking "Oh, I need to forward this to Dad!" :-[ It was a great laugh tho. Thanks.

  2. I was watching thinking "Too much? What does she mean this is totally fine" And then he did THAT!! Did I really just see that? How does one train to do that? How many hours of practice? I am also wondering what the saying at the end means.

  3. Oh my. cracked me up. Does anybody know what the photocopy says?

  4. My two boys would think this was genious!!!!

  5. The whole time I was thinking, well this is clever, but not really that funny - but then I laughed out loud when he caught it in his behind - hilarious!


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