The World's Biggest Slip and Slide Tutorial!

***Warning! This week's tutorial will make you the COOLEST mom on the block. Be prepared for some Mama Jealousy from your neighbors.***

We interrupt the regularly scheduled tutorial promised for today (Mosaic Artwork is rescheduled for next Tuesday - Promise!) to bring you this exciting 65 Foot Slip and Slide Tutorial for two reasons:

My friend Kimba is having a party and I can't leave her hanging. Also, she has the perfect yard (and kids) for this particular idea. Per. Fect.

2.It's dang HOT out there and we all need a fun, inexpensive way to cool off AND keep our kids entertained. Am I right or am I right?

So, I'll cut the chatter and bring you....drum roll, please....

How To Make The World's Biggest Slip and Slide!


Heavy duty plastic sheeting - I found 8 x 400 ft for $35 at my local home improvement store.
Landscape anchor pins
Garden hose
Baby soap

Unroll the plastic to the desired length, mine was 65 feet. I chose to run it downhill, but it is possible to do this in a flat yard.

Fold in half lengthwise to have an extra layer between the kids and the ground. I ended up with a slide 4 x 65 feet.

Anchor the top of the slide into the ground using the landscape pins. I folded the plastic over about 2 inches, poked the pins into the plastic, then pounded the pins into the ground with a hammer. The extra fold gave me 4 layers to drive the pins into, giving the plastic more strength and reduced the chance of ripping.

Anchor the sides every 6 feet or so if it is a windy day. Pound the pins all the way in so kids don't get hurt.

Wet the length of the slide with the hose. To make it extra slick, squirt some baby soap onto the slide!

You can leave the hose at the top of the slide for lubrication, or you can attach a sprinkler head like I did, so the kids slide through a nice, cooling shower on the way down.

Now, invite all your friends and slide down on your butt:

On your stomach:

On your knees:

On an inner tube (the baby soap/inner tube combo is SUPER FAST)!

Go in a line one right after the other! Scream! Hoot! Laugh like a loon!

If you have a nice, smooth lawn you can unfold it to the full 8 feet and race each other!

Come back tomorrow to link up your own tutorials for fun and prizes! Here's a button to get you started:

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  1. That looks like so much fun! Yep, sure winner for mom of the year award! Thanks for sharing, Theresa

  2. That looks like a blast! My kids have been wanting a slip and slide. This would make them so happy.

  3. We did this for our son's first birthday (he's now almost 4) and it was a BLAST! Dish soap or baby soap makes you go a lot faster. The only problem we had was sliding off the plastic at the end of the slide. By the end of the day we had little tiny cuts on our legs from the grass, but totally worth it!!!!


    My boys got a slip and slide from their grandparents for their birthdays (both in May) and it's been a HUGE hit in our neighborhood as we've had slip and slide days in our yard. I wish we had a big hill like that, what fun!!

    It took my eldest a while to trust the whole running and sliding on the belly idea, but I compared it to baseball sliding (which he's anxious to start playing on a team) and he was all for trying it out! Now he's a pro.

    Well done!!

  5. That look SO fun!

  6. Great idea Jen! We've already tore out 2 slip-n-slides this summer! I think I need to go this route :)

  7. You seriously just tanked mother of the year for every other mom in your 'hood! That's stinkin awesome!!! (And I'm pretty sure we have some leftover plastic sheeting in the garage!)

  8. What an inexpensive way to have a ton of fun!!! LOVE THIS!

  9. That looks like sooo much fun! So much better than a store bought slip 'n' slide!
    One small tip, we used to put a giant tarp at the bottom to catch us if you don't want to continue sailing through the grass- kind of makes a pool.
    I may be heading out to get some plastic now!

  10. It's official. You really are the coolest mom! That looks like so much fun, even I would do it...and probably end up in the ER. ;)

  11. How fun! Ahhh . . . to be a kid again.

  12. You're the world's best mom now!!!!

  13. Oh my heck...I wanna ride on this!!!!!!!! This is SOOOOOO happening in my yard!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  14. Seriously Cool! Even the big guys would love this!

  15. You probably should know, I tried this out at 9:30 last night after a particularly hot and grueling day...it ROCKED! Night time slip and sliding is so fun, try it!

    The Big Guy stood by and shook his head and laughed in spite of himself :)

  16. I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been thinking/saying this for years! When were at my Dads in May I bought two slip n slides at Target and they had fun....but I knew it could be better.......I was going to bring them back up when we went a few weeks ago and for them....I was telling my Dad this idea, but we never got to Home Depot...there's still lots of fun sliding time left in the summer....gotta try this! Thanks again, Miss....you're always one step ahead of me :)

  17. OMG that looks like SO much fun. Would it be ridiculous to do this in my yard even though there are no children to be found in my household? I think not.

  18. That was one of the awesome things I've seen in a long time!! Yea for you and the great idea! I love slip n slides. I don't care that I am 47 years old. In my opinion, you are never too old for a slip n slide. Well, I guess if you are 80 and could break a hip, then you are too old. ha! - Karen

  19. Sounds great... What weight / thickness did sheeting did you use?

  20. This really looks like a lot of fun!

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