Quick and Easy Photo Display

I love to display photos. And though I am fond of random, some things cry for symmetry. My photo displays are one such thing.

Here is an idea for a Quick, Easy Photo Display that can work anyplace on any budget.


Hole Punch
Measuring Stick

This is so easy! My instructional photos aren't great because I made this display down in the dungeon that is my workshop. So forgive the poor lighting.


Mark the center on the back of each photo along the top, then punch a hole.

Repeat for each photo.

Using your measuring stick (or a laser level) mark a grid onto your desired wall. I used twelve 4x6 photos. I marked every 6 inches across and every 8 inches down. I used colorful tacks so you could see, but clear tacks would disappear or you might even want to use pretty brass tacks.

Now, simply hang each photo onto a tack:

See? They are just hanging on the tacks - easy peasy!

Check out the finished grid:

And I'm among friends, and we all know I'm hopelessly messy, so I'll show you the wall above my work table:


I used photos of my trip to Paris, but imagine sepia photos of your children, of numbers, of letters, of your beloved pet...anything could make a meaningful and beautiful display.

Come back tomorrow to link up for Tutorial Tuesday. It's YOUR chance to teach ME something!



  1. Love it! The display looks so nice!

    Messy? Looks like FUN to me! ;)


  2. I really believe you. I think I can do it!

  3. Cute idea - would work on a bulletin board, too - filing this away in my mom mental filing cabinet for my daughter's college room...

  4. Love this idea. Do you have any trouble with the pictures curling? I have to change up my house and have a great idea of a wall for this project. Thanks!

  5. Very nice. What a way to brighten your work area.

  6. Cute idea! I may do this in my work office.

  7. Great idea- so simple. I noticed you swapped out one of the pics in the middle row- a building and a man. The picture of him intrigues me- is he playing a violin? Beautiful photos.

  8. Messy = Creative!

    Love this picture grid!

    PS. You won my follower giveaway! Shoot me and email and I will get you your gift certificate for $50 to CSN stores!

  9. This would be cute in my daughter's room. She loves to take pictures and this would be an easy way to display them and change them out frequently.

  10. I like this idea! And I've got about a billion photos I would like to display, so I think it's neat that this will work for as many photos as you decide to use.

  11. Ooo--I love it!!! :)

    Was going to email you, but AOL keep spitting back stuff I send lately. :s Wanted to let you know I have your Guest Post scheduled for Friday morning (8/6) at 8 am ET. :) Hope you'll let your readers know to come check it out! :)

  12. What a fun idea! I might ad lib this and grid it out on a board then just hang the one piece ~ now you've got me thinking... hmmmmmmm.....

  13. What a great idea!! I am currently trying to make my home a home :) With not much money- this is a super duper idea!! Thanks dear! Just found your blog today :)


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