It's 2 O'clock - Let's Shop!

This Holiday Shopping edition of "Let's Shop" features 10 great gift ideas for $20 and under! Check it out...

1. Portable Fold-Out Speakers - $15

These Portable Fold-Out Speakers are actually made from recycled card stock! I love how they make it possible to listen to my music where ever I am and keep extra papers from the landfill. Buy Now

2. Guitar String Bracelet- $20

These unique bracelets are actually made from recycled guitar strings! What a great environmentally friendly gift. Buy Now

3. Puttle- $15

When looking for family games, I like to choose those that are simple enough for everyone to understand, yet challenging enough for adults. This Puttle game is just that. A cross between golf and bowling, it can be set up anyplace inside or outside and challenges every age. Buy Now

Look how fun the Puttle tournament looks!

4. Pop Up Cup- $12

My hubs has lots of travel cups for his morning coffee. So, here are my main complaints... They don't stack neatly and the lids are constantly falling all over the place, and I can't put them in the dishwasher because it will damage their insulating qualities. To the rescue - Pop Up Cup! A collapsible, insulated, lidded cup to use on the go! Buy Now

Check out the Flatterware video to see this thing in action:

5. Clip Headphones- $13

Got a runner on your list? I have these Clip Headphones and, trust me, they stay in place while I run. It's a great gift for the exerciser on your list. Buy Now

6. Cupcake Kit- $20

I love this little Cupcake Kit! This cookbook comes with cute liners and decorating accessories! Buy Now

7. Microplane Classic Zester- $18
I have had a Microplane Classic Zester on my list for the last 10 years. For some reason it's not something I've ever purchased for myself though I've pined for it. Maybe this year? Buy Now

8. 100 Best iApps- $15

Have a hard-to-buy-for techie on your list this year? My kids are glued to their ipods and this 100 Best iApps guide will show them some of the hottest apps out there! Buy Now

9. Rubber Neckers- $14

My kids received a book of travel games once and it made life on the road that much more tolerable! I love to give books to my nieces and nephews and this book/game pack would make a great gift for family traveling from out of town. Imagine the thanks you will get from kids AND parents when the ride home is actually fun! Buy Now

10. Family Talk- $10

So, I have three boys...actual conversations that don't begin with "Mooooooommmmm!!! He's bugging me!" are kind of slim. I love Family Talk cards like this in the car to spark some fun conversation. Ever notice how most of the talking happens in the car? These are awesome stocking stuffers! Buy Now



  1. Great gift ideas! I love the guitar string bracelet, and the Rubber Necker book would be great for our family road trips.

  2. Drew my dad for the gift exchange this Xmas and bought him the "Shut the Box" game you recommended (last summer?) Bought an extra one for my family too! Thought you might want to know that your good advice is heard.
    Happy holidays!


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