The Plastic Obsession - Feedback Friday

It seems that plastic surgery is the answer to all your prayers. According to E!, it can guarantee a perfect wedding. The contestants on Bridalplasty compete with one another for the ultimate prize...plastic surgery. Here is a full description of this new competition show:

Each week, a group of women competes head-to-head in such challenges as writing wedding vows and planning honeymoons. The winner receives the chance to choose a plastic surgery procedure from her “wish list.” She’s given the procedure immediately, and results are shown at the start of the following week’s episode.

One by one, the women are voted out by their competitors and, according to the show’s description, “possibly walking away with nothing and losing [their] chance to be the perfect bride.”

The last bride standing will receive a “dream wedding,” where she will reveal her new appearance to friends, family and the groom. “Viewers will witness his emotional and possibly shocked reaction as they stand at the altar and he lifts her veil to see her for the first time following her extreme plastic surgery,” E! said.

I watched an episode this week for the first time, and one of the contestants was sent packing with the final words "Your wedding will still go on...it just won't be perfect." Thoughts, comments?

It's Feedback Friday, let's hear your impressions of the new show Bridalplasty!



  1. Here's a thought... That makes me sick. Unbelievable. What kind of message does this send to young girls.

  2. OH MY GOD! I am horrified! That's just terrible. I got married in April, 2 stone heavier than I'd hoped to be and far from perfect but you know what, my wedding WAS perfect. My family and friends were there and I married the man I love... surely that's what makes a perfect wedding?? (Oh, and the gorgeous dress!) I don't think my husband would have been too chuffed to lift my veil and find I look completely different!

  3. That is simply ridiculous! It's shows like these that make me worried about the fate of our human race! Aren't we supposed to be advancing our intellect instead of becoming more and more stupid?? That's all I have to say.

  4. I just heard about this show not that long ago. Seriously, it sickens me. I can't believe that people need plastic surgery to feel like they can have a "perfect" wedding. Who ever decided that the wedding means more than a marriage anyways? Pretty certain a wedding lasts a day...that's it. Who cares if it's "perfect," it's here and gone. But your marriage...that's so much more worth building on. Oh yeah, and just the way you are. You shouldn't need plastic surgery to say "i do".

    Oh, but, no, I don't have an opinion on this show ;) lol

  5. It's a joke....these women are more vain than I think I've ever heard. If I were a man, and my fiance wanted to go on that show, I think I'd call the wedding off...I'd want to marry a real person, not a new plastic one, and I don't even recognize!


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