Why Don't You...Prep Presents Before You Wrap?

A simple tip to make Christmas morning run a little smoother is to really prep your gifts before you wrap them. Less frustration = happier kids = happier parents.

Take a minute to evaluate what each gift needs before the wrapping begins. Charge toys that need charged, don't just buy enough batteries - put them in each toy, and release each toy from it's packaging. I have never been so close to meltdown as the Christmas I realized AFTER the kids had opened their gifts that a screwdriver was needed to unscrew the toy from the cardboard backing. The kids were crying, I was digging through the junk drawer, and The Big Guy was rubbing his head in frustration.

Snip the plastic ties, untwist the metal bands and let the toy sit in the box. The kids will slip off the paper and the toy will slip right into their hands!

And, really, aren't we all so happy to see how simple it is to open Santa's gifts since they don't come in boxes like the ones at the store? Except that one time when he forgot...but you know what I mean.

To read a little more about the insanity of Christmas gift wrapping at my house, including Santa's Sack, click HERE.

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  1. Good tips! I remember Natalie just saying "Open!" before she could talk much, and then we'd spend time trying to navigate those stupid twist ties they put on everything. :s

  2. Yes, We've been doing that for years and think it makes present opening a happier time for everyone!

  3. What a great tip! Sadly, I just finished wrapping last night...

    But we always do have scissors, screwdrivers and batteries at the ready on Christmas morn. Silly toys.



  4. Seriously WHAT is with the packaging of toys?? I get that they need to look presentable in the store, but are toy companies trying to make parents go out of their minds on Christmas morning? You are so organized that you prep everything. I'm still trying to get all my cards out and it's the 22nd! :) Merry Christmas to you and your family Jennifer!

  5. Good thing to keep in mind for my future "kid toy" wrapping!

    Merry Christmas, Juniper!

  6. That makes complete sense! But I never would've though of it! :) Thanks!

  7. This is something I've always done and it makes Christmas morning much easier. It is much easier to take all those ties off when there isn't a kiddo waiting.

  8. Yep. I do the same thing...I can just sip my coffee and relax then :)

  9. Oh, Jennifer, what good advice. This is so simple, but who would ever think of it? You, that's who!

    May you and your family be blessed with a lovely Christmas!

  10. Great idea. Well, now I am kicking myself for already wrapping the presents. Maybe next year.


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