It's 2 O'Clock - Let's Shop! New Year's Resolutions

Is your New Year's Resolution to get in shape? Yeah, mine too. In fact, it seems that lots and lots of people have this goal!

Though I exercise regularly, it's hard to get motivated to leave the house when it's cold and snowy out there. The one fitness item that I can say I use regularly for at-home workouts is my stability ball, like this Yellow Studio Series Ball from BodySport:

When I work out with my own ball at home I like to follow this Stability Ball Workout from Fitness Magazine. There is an exercise for every part of your body here. I ripped this workout from their magazine years ago and still refer back to my crinkled and worn copy!

I would recommend doing this workout in front of the TV while watching whatever guilty pleasure reality show your family hates...like the Kardashians or The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!



  1. You should check out www.bodyrock.tv I use it all the time for home workouts. She uses very little equipment and her workouts are short (but intense.) She is a little hardcore but I have gotten into great shape all at home, I cancelled my gym membership over a year ago.

  2. Kristen - what a great find! Thanks for sharing!


  3. My midwife recommended to sit on these while I was pregnant with my twins. I loved to bounce on them - and I had a very easy, natural birth, though I don´t know if these bouncy balls were actually to blame for it :)
    Now I got rid of them, because said twins loved to play football with them in my dining room... sigh.

  4. I need balls. I'm afraid that I'd hurt my old self on one though. It really looks like a good workout.

  5. I just added "buy a ball" to my to do list!

    My boss has one - it's pretty funny trying to have a conversation with him when he's on it. But, it certainly keeps the conversation light :)

    I keep joking that I want a pink one. Hasn't happened. I think I need to take care of that myself ;)

  6. I love pounding along on my treadmill ... whilst watching the cooking channel! ...

    I have to say that my treadmill is one of the best purchases I've ever made. It sure as heck wasn't cheap..but, I've had it years...and it gets used many times a week. I would like to make it daily ...in winter. In summer...well, it gets dusty ... i'm outside gardening..golfing and walking....

  7. I don't have a stability ball at home, but I use one just about every time I go to the gym.

  8. Stability balls are wonderful, I just recently starting using one and WOW! One of my favorite exercises is to use a 5lb ball and make the alphabet. HOlding my arms stretched in front of me I start with a huge letter 'A' then bring the ball back to my chest - stretch out and make a 'B' and then keep going. It's amazing the different muscles that works!

  9. I was just commenting about this same thing on someone else's blog. It cracks me up...going to the gym the last few weeks. So many newbie-I-want-to-get-in-shape people. LOL. Many will disappear, but for that stay, more power to you. We need to be taking better care of ourselves. I run a lot - it helps me eat whatever I want still and maintain my weight. LOL. The best of both worlds.

    Happy New Year!!!


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