Stuff I Learned!

This Trompe l'oeil Grandfather Clock just blows my mind!

I rarely get to make my crafty stuff for my 3 boys, but this Ruff 'n Tuff Scarf may be just the thing!

Check out these cool Shopping Bags! At 89 cents apiece, it can be affordable to be green!

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#1 Chargers for you table

#2 Coupon Organizer

#3 Housework Schedule


  1. There are SO many amazing tutorials floating around in blog land. Thanks for bringing so many of them together for curious crafters like myself to find them. I love browsing them!

  2. As always.....way super cute stuff....and I'm overwhelmed as usual wanting to try everything!

  3. Thanks for featuring me, Jen! That clock is absolutely gorgeous...I have to check it out.

  4. Thank you so much for the feature!!!!


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