Needed : American Idol Dorks!

Dude! Wendy from Ordinary Miracles and I need your help! We've formed an American Idol Fantasy League and are looking for some of our bloggy friends to join us - don't laugh, we're cool man...We even made our own creepy league photo:

Just so you know, the Big Guy is NOT allowed to join our league for two reasons:

1. He made fun of us.

2. He made the comment that "Paula Abdul is looking really hot this season!" (Yes, honey, JENNIFER LOPEZ is hot) Clearly, he is out of the loop and, therefore, banned.

If you want to battle Wendy and I in our (free) league, the first picks are due at 7 pm EST tonight, so email me (jsneill@zoominternet.net) so I can get you the league code and you can get to pickin'. After that, it's GAME ON!

See you in fantasy land...


  1. Fun! I want in on the dorkiness! Emailed ya.

  2. Nice post! I've blogged too :)

  3. watching now...OMG...I am loving this James guy!!!!!

    Janet xox

  4. Good luck!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. oh dang... I just checked my blogs... probably too late to join in the party, aye?

  6. I'm sorry that I missed this. I love American Idol and do a fantasy league at work too once it gets down to the Top 10. I can't believe your husband made fun of you. LOL. I think the show is much better this season.


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