How Smart is Your Phone? Feedback Friday

While visiting my brother and sister-in-law over Easter, we found ourselves in a store and needed to know the movie times for later in the afternoon. My sister-in-law forgot her phone and asked me to look up the movie times.

I asked her if she knew the MoviePhone number and she said, "Just look it up!". I said "I can't!" She said "What do you mean?" and I answered "I can only call people on my phone!" She looked confused.

We were facing a clear technology gap here! Well, I just got a text from Verizon telling me I qualify for an early upgrade to a Smartphone.

It's Feedback Friday, so tell me...

Do you have a Smartphone?

What do you use most of the apps for - to play games, check email, what?


  1. once you go iphone you never go back! i'm not a geek for sure, but couldn't live without :)

  2. I don´t have a mobile at all. We have one ancient stationary, and that´s it.
    I got one, years ago, and my husband even gave me one as a christmas present. I just couldn´t get used to the fact that I would have to be available now ALL THE TIME. Freaked me out, so I never used them.

  3. I have a Blackberry Torch 9800, I LOVE it. My husband has an IPhone, he loves it. (I personally like the Torch better because I can use it as a touch screen OR I can slide out the keyboard and type...which I prefer).

    Anyway, I use it to check email, look up maps while heading somewhere, text, check my banking...oh and make the occasional phone call.

  4. I resisted getting an iphone/smartphone for quite a while.... but then we were due for a new phone and it wasn't going to cost us any more than what we were already paying per month so we went for it. i'll never go back again. i use the apps to play, look up movie times, look up the IMDB app during a movie when trying to work out "who is that guy? what was he in?", i play games (angry birds, words with friends) and use facebook on it. i connect it to the wifi in my home so i don't need to turn on the computer at all in the morning - i just do a quick email check on my iphone when i wake up and off i go. i use it as an alarm, a calendar and an ipod. a camera. and my son uses it when the battery runs out on his DS. lol. i don't know what i did before it. it's such a great time waster, and such a time saver at the same time, hehehehe!!!

  5. Hey Jenn,
    No smart phone here. I have a love/hate relationship with my cell phone. I love the convenience and the idea of it, but hate the fact that I find myself carrying it around with me even in my house.

    When did we all become so attached to a small battery powered plastic box?????

    What is so important that we feel the need to be available at a moments notice. How did we ever manage to live our lives BC (Before Cells)?

    But, no going back now, so I surrender!

    Janet xox

    PS......too funny...#2 son just texted me to ask when we could upgrade...talk about timing!

  6. I have a blackberry---yes it's nice to have the world at the touch of a button, but it's also too addicting! When we renew, I'm going back to a regular phone...I think!

    I actually gave it up for a 40 day fasting event. That was hard! I didn't know what to do with my hands...pretty sad!

  7. I love my iphone. It can do so much that makes my life easier. I check my email while standing in line at the grocery store. I can check movie times while my husband is driving us to dinner. I can find new restaurants and read reviews of restaurants we want to try. Oh and Words with Friends is very addicting.

  8. I'm quite proud of the fact that I have a "Dumb Phone" :P My husband has been wanting to get something with a data plan lately but I've resisted. I told him it was either the internet at home or the data plan for the phone. My reasoning behind this was because all the people I know with Smart Phones spend their life behind their phone. They're seriously never without it glued to their face. I don't want to be this type of person. I don't want my children to see my inability to connect one on one with them because of the phone.

    I'm sure some day it wont be cost effective to be without a smart phone but for now, I choose to live my simple life.

  9. They are addictive. I'm always playing on mine. I convinced my mother to get one a couple months ago and now she's addicted, too.

    I can't imagine being without the convenience, now.

  10. Blackberry 3G. It's a must to keep up with my teenage daughters! Plus I can keep up with multiple email accounts (work and home) during the day. Plus I found free aps that make my life much easier: a grocery list ap, Evernote, weather and the list goes on.

  11. Yes!!!! Smartphones are all that!!! I love having access to things wherever I go. I use it as my assistant/day planner. I honestly could never go back to a 'dumb' phone. I love my phone, HTC Thunderbolt, it does everything.

  12. Well, truth be told, I only use my phone for phone calls. It does have the capacity for other things (Facebook, Internet and such) but one has to pay extra for that here in Guatemala, AND I like the idea of having to wait and be the "old way" when it comes to certain things; like it was say some 15 years ago.
    It must be helpful at times, but it also might be a little addicting, which making one lose touch with what's real.
    Just my opinion anyways :o)
    Hope you got a phone that works for you!

  13. I never wanted to get a smartphone because you have to pay extra $ every month for the data usage, but I qualified for an upgrade to an Iphone and went for it. It is seriously the best thing ever. I check my email on the go, movie times, nearest restaurants and the maps app which is like a GPS. I really love it!

  14. my phone can dial numbers...it can take calls...it barely texts...I love it:) I've also had it for about 5 years...my husband keeps trying to get me to upgrade. I fear I will turn into him...he has had an iphone since they came out...he is constantly on it...looking up things, checking email etc...I'm afraid I will turn into that. I like being unplugged while I am out and about...but if I have a phone that keeps me plugged in I don't think I will be able to have self control.

    I will say that there have been a few times when I have needed an address and I have had to call him to help me find my way...it's only in those moments I wish for more:)

    We are mac people...my husband loves his iphone...he is not a game player...but has apps for just about anything you never needed:) I'm sure I'll be receiving one in the near future...drives him crazy that I use the phone I do...

  15. I love my iPhone almost as much as my husband and kids. It's a must have.

  16. After the experience of my phone breaking mid-travel and not being able to get ahold of anyone while I was in Atlanta. I had the opportunity to upgrade to an iPhone. I will never go back. I stare at a computer screen all day at work (I'm a scientist) sometimes the last thing i want to do is use my computer at home. And I like how I can just qucikly check my email without the hassle of turning on the home computer to realize I don't have any emails. And when things are overwhelming its great to be able to respond to emails wherever I go.
    I also for a hobby bellydance. We go to a lot of performances around the area and its great to have the maps option. It has now bailed me out (and my friends b/c they left the mapquest directions at home for an event) 5X since march.
    I love the weather apps, i use a few apps for scientific work which are handy, I never loose my shopping list b/c its in my phone. I also use youtube alot. I am still learning how to sew. For instance, when i was trying to understand how to put an invisible zipper in I clicked my youtube app and found all these wonderful videos that helped me out. And I watched while I was in front of my sewing machine.
    And my iPhone's camera is better tahn my real camera. :)

  17. I never ever thought I would use a phone for anything but talking on it so I have resisted getting a smartphone... until 2 weeks ago. I got an iPhone and I freaking love it. I use it for texting, email, facebook etc. and I have a few apps that I love love love. Such as mapquest (now I never get lost!), flashlight (I'm afraid of the dark and it turns my phone into a flashlight, Love it!), Around Me (it tells you everything that is around you, restaurants, banks, hotels, you name it), Pandora, You tube, Itunes, Nike + ipod (love using this for my workouts) and the list goes on. I will never go back. My husband has the Droid X and after playing around with both, I def. like the iPhone better. :)

  18. We have Tmobile and this year our contract was up. I told my husband to just get us something cheap and simple, but they had a promo for Valentine's day and all smartphones were free after rebate (+2 year contract), so he came home with 2 MyTouch 4G phones. I've never had a phone so lavish and advanced! And I love it! I think it's worth the investment just for the GPS application that usually comes on each phone. Plus the useful apps like for making to do lists/grocery lists I love. The games are fun, but I'll admit I don't really play them that much unless I'm really bored. And I can, but I don't like to, check my email on my phone just because I like to see it all on a bigger screen, but at the same time it's super convenient access!

    I recommend a smartphone, I think it's definitely worth the investment, even if it's just for the gps/search application. Good luck picking one out. My husband did tons of research before he got ours and there's already newer more advanced ones out now. :)

  19. Love your description. I want one, and do not have one. I feel like a dinosaur. I only want it for e-mail, FB, etc. I don't care to talk to people, and truthfully, I forget to turn my phone on.

  20. Happy weekend! Don't forget to come over and share a recipe at Savory Sunday!!

  21. If you have about an hour, I'll tell you all the things I love about my iPhone! We went to the gap and joy told me about coupon Sherpa and we each saved $20 by pulling up the coupon codes on our phones! You could easily save enough to pay for your data package! Plus apple's "mobile me" auto-syncs my calendar and contacts on my phone and my computer every 15 minutes. With my hectic family schedule, that's worth every penny we spend on the phone. I think most of all I love the gps feature.

  22. I was glad I had my iPhone Saturday night when our tornado sirens were going off but our TV signal was lost due to the weather. I grabbed my phone and checked the weather to see if we needed to take cover or not. In that case, my smart phone really could have been a life saver. (No tornado in Kansas City, thankfully, but big prayers for those in Joplin {less than 150 miles from KC}).

  23. I recently upgraded to the iphone and I love it! I have an app that lets me scan the barcode of an item and then tells me the cheapest place, in town or on the net, to buy it. I also have an app that works as a FREE GPS that's always updated! If I'm traveling with out my laptop, I can keep up with emails, check up on my favorite blogs, do my banking (!)skype w/ my husband (who's currently deployed), check facebook, & check the weather. I also you an app to track my runs. No matter where I go, it tracks me and lets me know how far I've gone! I love all that it can do for me. It's just a matter of balance - not letting a phone run your life. Most of the time, my phone's just hanging out in my purse, but when I need it, it's amazing!


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