Re-using Costco Apple Containers

My boys LOVE apples, eating about 2-4 each day. Their favorite apples are the Costco Granny Smith apples that come in this molded container:

Going through 1-2 of these containers of apples each week led me to find uses for all these cool containers!

Here is what I've come up with - (note that many of these ideas could also help you reuse egg cartons too!)

Seed Starters - each seed has it's own little greenhouse!

Button/Bead Organizers

Paint Tray

Cupcake Transporter

A Mold for Chocolate Bowls
- drizzle chocolate over the inside of the depression covering the surface. Place in the freezer for a bit then carefully pop out a fun chocolate bowl for ice cream or desserts.

Bird Feeder - Fill with birdseed then insert string at the corners. Hang from the nearest tree branch and enjoy!

Penny Toss Game - number each depression then toss several pennies. The player with the highest score wins. This is also a great way to practice math with your kids!

Toy Organizer - wrangle in all those small pieces like matchbox cars, Barbie accessories, Legos...

Coin Organizer

Fire Starter Mold - fill the cavity half way with sawdust, pour hot wax from candle scraps over and you have the perfect starter for your next campfire!

Giant Ice Cube Tray - this would be perfect for your next party!

Christmas Ornament Storage

Do you have any other cool ideas for reusing these containers?


  1. Thank you for putting my head in the right place when it comes to those containers. I always feel a little anguished tossing them in to the recycler. Now I really have NO excuses! I particularly love your seed-starter and chocolate bowl ideas!

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  2. i don't have other ideas, but i will use yours for sure!

    my husband love these green apples.

  3. Love the seed idea and also the chocolate bowl idea.

    Janet xox

  4. Great Post. Loved this! Going to try the chocolate bowl thing.

  5. I've also heard you can use them for shaping and drying fondant flowers...

  6. I knew it!!! I was counting on you to come up with some clever ideas for these when you mentioned it to me in Costco a while back....my brain wandered around thinking of some uses too...but all I came up with was a pair of knee-hi's in each one so they don't get snagged in my drawer :)

  7. Great ideas!! As you know, I love repurposing like this!! the fire started mold is an awesome idea!

  8. we've done some of those things! Most of our containers were used for lettuce this year.

  9. I'm a costo-itsa and LOVE this idea!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. I was ahead of you with the seed idea, but also consider keeping screws and nails etc in the garage. Earrings/jewelry. Office stuff like paperclips and binder clips and rubber bands.

  11. Before I read this, I made a game with ping-pong balls that is similar to the coin toss, but I painted each bowl and made a key.

  12. Great ides! Thank you for posting it. I would also use it as a holder/carrier for birthday cupcakes.

  13. Came across your blog on Google looking for ideas to reuse these containers. The packaging is totally obnoxious! Thanks for the ideas.


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