Extreme Couponing!

Okay, this new TLC show has hooked me and I'm obsessed...OB. SESSED. I'm starting to dream about coupons and look for them everywhere! Have you seen it yet? Go ahead and click...I'll wait...

I know, right?!?

So, I'm by no means an Extreme Coupon-er yet (some of those folks have some hoarding tendencies - and that's another show altogether!) but I am trying to think ahead before shopping and I'm trying to purchase a few extra of the really good deals.

My best trip so far was $210 worth of groceries for $150. Not too bad? I got a medium bottle of Wisk detergent for $2!

It's Feedback Friday...

Do you coupon?

Where do you find your coupons?

What has been your best "haul"? (I'm using the lingo!)


  1. mm maybe the best was getting 6 of those 24 packs of soda boxes for a less then five bucks... was best couponing for me lolol

  2. I've always thought extreme couponing should have been called future hoarders.....sure you got 500 bottles of detergent for a dollar a piece...but do you Reeeeaaally need it? The stuff I buy never has coupons so it wouldn't do me any good ;)

  3. I can't watch that show-it stresses me out. I use coupons, but I don't get how they are saving so much money. My problem is that I tend to buy stuff I normally wouldn't buy (junk) just b/c I have the coupon so I'm not really saving any money. My mom once brought me over 30lbs of bologna b/c she got it for 10 cents/ a package-which is way more bologna than anyone needs.

  4. I can't get into it. Some of them spend 20+ hours a week getting ready for a 4 hour shopping trip. Who can do that? I have little kids, it's just not happening. Plus, it's not exactly healthy food they are buying. Every once in awhile I find a coupon for yeast or organic milk or something I'm buying anyway. My sister is getting into it, but I think she's buying stuff she doesn't need sometimes just because it's cheaper. Maybe not...

  5. I use coupons whenever I can, but just as often the store brand is cheaper even without a coupon. I think Walgreen's has really good deals since you can combine a store sale or coupon with a manufacturers coupon - that's usually where the best deals happen. Also, HEB will combine store and manufacturer coups and sometimes their "Meal Deal" give you stuff for free when you buy the main item. Some things I never buy without a coupon are soap, shampoo, granola bars, and cereal. You can always find those coups. And I agree about the comment above that says who needs a gross of something? Donate it!

  6. Oh, girl! Couponing is one of my many passions! I've been learning for more than a year and I finally feel like I have everything organized into a system that works for me. I've put so many things into place that I don't spend much time at all anymore getting ready to shop. I'm a little too lazy to be a hoarder but I do have a small stockpile. Saving 70-100% off a haul is common...and addicting!!


    P.S. See, I am here, just busy couponing!! :)

  7. I've always been afraid to get into couponing. I'm OCD and my list of things to be obsessed over is full.
    I did try this at one time but got frusterated with trying to find coupons for things that I really did want/need.
    My admiration for you folks who do this successfully is HUGE.

  8. Hey Jen,
    I was behind one of those extreme coupon ladies once and the one thing I was really struck by was the fact that probably 75% of her order was processed and junk food. Cookies...chips...soda..box mac & cheese..sugary cereals..etc. Very few fresh fruits or veggies.
    It did not look like a very healthy diet.

    Janet xox

  9. I read an article about these shows and often the supermarket allows these people to stack coupons in such a way they would not for a person shopping without TV cameras. It said the expectation of walking out of the store with hundreds or thousands of dollars of free merchandise is unrealistic. Also stores are catching on to the ways people use coupons and are going to add more restrictions. So probably we won't be able to save as much as we hoped.

  10. I use coupons for the everyday things, laundry items, shampoo/conditioner, razors, ect....I like saving the money on buying something Im going to need any ways. But there is no way Im giving up my Costco card!

  11. That was a great trip Jennifer! I would like to use coupons more. We don't have any stores near us that double or triple... so it just doesn't add up that much. Bummer! :)

  12. That woman knows how to use her coupons! Blimey!
    I rarely use coupons since I don't often see coupons for things I want and don't see the point in buying tonnes of something just to get a special price if I don't need it.

  13. I wish we got that show here in New Zealand. But there is no way that we coupon like that here. If your lucky you might get a 50cent off coupon for something thats $10!!!!

  14. I don't know of any stores in my area that allow stacking upon stacking.. and I'm not going to split my order time and again using different cards to get things I'm not going to use in the first place. I am a couponer.. just not an "extreme" couponer... I have had some good deals but have yet to save thousands in a year! LOL... I even took a coupon class but can not for the life of me get as excited as those ladies were! I love FREE as well as the next person but can't see spending 20 hours a week selecting, clipping or driving from store to store to store to use coupons for the sake of saying I did..

  15. I think the show is a bit ridiculous and I watch it for what I can use for my family. Good for them that they are saving thousands of dollars, not so good that they are buying nothing but processed and chemical filled food. I try to find deals combining store deals and coupons and I usually get my deodorant, hair color, soap and sunscreen for free. Last week I had a great haul (well in my book I thought so)...my store had my husbands favorite Axe deodorant on sale for $1.99 and it came with a free full size body spray. I had a BOGO coupon so I got two deodorants and two body sprays for $1.99. That is usually over $15.00 worth of product! On average I think I save $50-$75 a trip using coupons and I think that is pretty good seeing as we eat mostly organic and very healthy. I agree that these people are future hoarders and someday TLC is going to have a spinoff that combines extreme obesity, extreme coupling and hoarding: "Hoarders, 700 lbs and Buried Alive By their Free Food from Extreme Couponing."

  16. Hey girl! How've you been?!

    YES - I am totally obsessed with this show. I really want to try it, but I would have nowhere to store all that crap! I've always wondered... do you have to buy enough to feed an army in order for it to work? Or could you just buy enough for your household?

  17. We are retired on a fixed income, so couponing is a great thing for us. However, like you said, there is a fine line between extreme couponing and hoarding! I am able to get multiple coupons for things we will use from family and friends and I combine them with my weekly store sales to maximize the benefits. They are great for BOGO items, cuz you can use 2 coupons, but pay for only 1 item! If you are buying in quantity for back stock, always get the longest expirations you can find. Good luck and have fun!


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