What is "Summer Chic"?

Formal, Semi-Formal, Cocktail, Dressy casual, Business casual

I think most of us know the usual dress codes listed on invitations. Evite breaks it down for us like this:

Black tie/formal: Long gown.

Semi-formal — Knee-length or long dress.

Cocktail — Knee-length dress or skirt.

Dressy casual — Skirt or dressy pants.

Business casual — Dressy pants or skirt. Blazers with a t-shirt underneath.

Casual — anything goes.

But, this summer I've received invitations with some confusing dress codes listed. So, I've compiled some of my online research to help you dress for the summer weddings and events coming up! I had some fun with Polyvore and spent some time working on some idea boards for each dress code.

Festive - Something like a skirt, dress, or top with sparkle or beading!

Festive Dress Code

Smart Casual - Knit shirt or blouse, no t-shirts except under jackets, pants or skirts, leather sandals.

Smart Casual

Spiffy Casual - Dress it up, but keep it modern and trendy. A cocktail dress is always right.

Spiffy Casual

Summer Chic - Summer dresses or skirts and blouses or dressy knit tops. Leather sandals or wedges.

Summer Chic

Casual Chic: A mix of relaxed and sophistication. Classic pencil skirts, dark jeans, crisp white blouses.

Casual Chic

Resort Attire - Linen pants, dressy capris or Bermuda shorts. Casual knee-length dresses or short skirts with knit tops or a shell. Sundresses.

Resort Wear

It would end lots of confusion if we all received a link to an idea board on Polyvore with invitations that specified a dress code, wouldn't it?

Have you encountered any unusual dress codes recently?


  1. I am somewhat clueless when it comes to dress codes. Thanks for the pointers!

  2. Fun boards Jen! Now help me ~ what would you wear for a Saturday night 7pm wedding (end of Sept) ~ no dress code noted ~ I can't imagine it will be considered formal (just knowing the family and some of the potential guests)


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