Tomatoes and More Tomatoes!

If your garden is anything like mine, by the time you are winding down it starts to produce and produce! A person can only eat so many tomatoes, but they sure are good in the winter...

Let's freeze some diced tomatoes to use in recipes this winter.

Blanch in boiling water for 2-3 minutes to loosen the skin. It's hot, girl! You can plunge them into a bowl of ice water immediately after you remove them.:

Slide the skins off, lickety split!

Core, dice, and weigh (14.5 oz. is the equivalent of a can of tomatoes):

If you plan to make sauce with your tomatoes, half them and scoop out the seeds with your fingers. Set them in a colander to drain before bagging them up!

Stack up your baggies and freeze and they will be ready for your recipes this winter!

Here is the Perfect Chili recipe that calls for canned tomatoes.

Do you freeze your veggies for the long winter?


  1. I definitely need to do this! Hubby's mom gave me a 2 gallon pail of them last weekend :)

  2. Perhaps you can answer my question about tomatoes! I have a "Better Boy" plant with lots of tomatoes growing on it. So far - the entire summer - I have had 5 turn red. Right now there must be 20 on the bush that are still green or greenish. Any suggestions? I do like the occasional fried green tomato but not 30 of them!

  3. The deer eat them for the long winter!


    Janet xox

  4. This is great advice, I'm growing some tomatoes of my own and hope to have some ripe ones soon!

  5. I've only canned them... do you not find freezing changes the flavor. Maybe if it's going in sauces or chili it isn't bad?

  6. I try to freeze everything I can! I am lazy about the tomatoes, I just wash and dice them, skins, seeds and all then bag the with and without fresh basil and oregano. They seem to work great in soups, stews, casseroles all winter. I also freeze zucchini for baking and cooking and of course all of my herbs.


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