How to Fix Your Washing Machine

Crystal and Co. linked a post a few weeks ago about a clogged trap in her washing machine that was causing a "Suds" error in her front load washer.

Wouldn't you know that about a week after I read her post I began seeing that same error reading on my own Whirlpool Duet?! I went back to re-read her post then I googled it and discovered that it is a very common problem, an easy fix, and not something that is mentioned in the owners manual at all!

Well, The Big Guy figured out how to fix it and I took pictures to help all the other families out there in the world struggling with this same problem. There is no need for a costly repairman!

This is how the lower front panel of the washing machine looks. Under that lip at the bottom of the panel are three screws with a head like that of an allen wrench (square, not like an ordinary Phillips or Flathead screwdriver):

Look under that lip to find the screws and unscrew them, The Big Guy has a screwdriver set that has attachments that fit that square screw head:

This is what your washer will look like with the panel removed:

You can see the "trap" when you look closer, unscrew it and empty out the contents. Depending on how recently you have run your washer, you may have to put a container or towels under the trap before you unscrew the cap to contain the water that may come out:

Replace the trap and put the front panel back in place. Get on the floor and drop the screws 25 times while sweating and swearing while your wife takes photos for her blog. Your goal here is to replace the three screws...or two screws if one rolls under the washer:

I had no idea, but you should also clean the inside of your washing machine periodically to keep ahead of soap build-up. Tidy Mom shares how to clean the inside of your washing machine HERE


  1. this is really funny. Here in Italy they tell to clean the trap filter every three to six months, depend on the use. when I moved to the US, i couldn't find the trap on the manual and I ended up taking my washing machine apart :) !!!
    I wonder why it's not mentioned in the manuals in the US?!!??

  2. "...drop the screw 25 times...while your wife takes pictures..."

    My husband feels your husband's pain.

  3. Hmm...so kicking it is not a viable solution? Darn!


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