In-Your-Face Wall Calendar

I needed a big way to organize my three boy's schedules...and I'm not good at remembering to look at a calendar...and I'm cheap.

Enter "Chalkboard" Contact Paper! An in-your-face calendar right on the wall of my office that I can customize and can't help but see when I leave the room.


Chalkboard Contact Paper

I attached my Contact Paper directly to my wall and drew a calendar grid using a Liquid Chalk Marker, leaving room on the one side for notes. Each month, just wipe with a damp cloth and begin again.

Mark in your dates and fill in with what you need to remember - Easy Peasy! My PTO will be so happy I remember to attend their meetings each month!

How do you stay organized?



  1. Awesome! I'm trying to come up w/ some sort of system for my house too.

  2. Nicely done Jen! ~ I had no idea they even had chalkboard contact paper! I have a big white board calendar in our mudroom ~ I'd be lost without it!

  3. I like this kind of tutorial! And the idea is, quite frankly, fantastic and so doable.

    Have a great day, Jen.

  4. I had no idea they made contact paper like that! I guess I need to get out more...(: We have a kitchen calendar. One of those $5 jobs from Wally World. I write on it in pencil, so changes can be made and it still be readable. Any paper from school that comes home with dates get noted on the calendar then THROWN AWAY. Everything is on there: Band, scouts, school, mom and dad's work schedules, etc. Helps me stay sane! I also have a dry erase/corkboard combo in the front room as a last stop reminder of things the boys need for their day. Now, if I could just get them to LOOK at it. HA!

  5. i like the fact that is minimal with all the functionalities! and looks great on the red wall!

  6. HI, Where did you find the chalkboard contact paper?
    Online or in a store?


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