DIY Custom Christmas Cards - that are cheap and fast!

So, let's just say you forgot to order Christmas cards this year. Let's say you are interested in a custom card and have no time and even less money to spend. I don't actually know anyone like that...(wink)

What would you say if I told you I could show you how to order custom 5x7 inch cards that could be ready in an hour? Okay, here goes...

Choose a snapshot from your computer and upload it to Picnik.

I created a frame around my photo to give it more of a "card" feeling by clicking the "frames" tab using the "borders" option from the sidebar (there are many options):

Did you know you could add text to a photo just like the big card companies do? Chose the "text" tab and write your message in the box to the left:

You can move your text to any spot on the card by simply clicking and dragging. You can even change the font, color, and size of your text with a quick click.

Send them out to Walmart to get 1 hour 5x7 reprints for $.58 apiece. Throw in a box of 50 stationary envelopes from Staples for $6.49 and you can have 50 large, frame worthy Christmas cards lickety - split for about $35.00. Now, go buy some stamps - there is still time to send cards this season!



  1. Gosh I love Picnik! You can do so much with it. Also, you can get coupon codes for Walgreen's photo lab that make that project a little cheaper. We went the Shutterfly route this year, but it was pricey...

  2. I just did the photo cards 4x8 on Walmart 1 hour last week. Got 50 w/ envelopes for $20!

  3. Great tip :) I just ordered my cards last night ~ hopefully they will get to my house, get addressed and back out of my house before Christmas :)


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