Soul Sisters Annual Ornament Exchange

The Soul Sisters met for a dinner and drinks and our annual ornament exchange last week! We played our usual game of "guess the food server's name" and laughed until we snorted and exchanged our hand made ornaments. The dress code for the evening was dubbed "sparkly" and we had a ball! Our honorary S.S., Ordinary Miracles, was there in spirit

Do you remember the rules? We must make 4 ornaments to exchange and not exceed $10 in materials.

Let's go!

Marzipan made delicate paper ornaments with scrolled card stock coated with glitter:

The Treat Girl made a White Glitter Snowman Ball Ornament:

**can you see our own Soul Sisters Christmas cards we exchanged in the background??**

Joy filled this glass globe with a paper tree and ornaments:

And Girl in the Sticks choose scrapbook paper that represented each of us to make her pleated circles:

I was so busy snapping pictures of my Sisters that I don't have a photo of my ornament, but soon I will teach you how to make a Snowman Pine Cone Ornament! Do you have any holiday traditions with your girlfriends?


  1. I need girlfriends!!!!! The problem with being the wife of a secret agent is that the other SA wives all eventually get transferred out of town ;-<

    Very envious, but also happy that you that kind of bond with these lovely ladies.

    Beautiful ornaments and they are all so creative..I love that!

    janet xox

  2. AWwww....... Looks like fun and you all made some fantastic ornaments! Thanks for thinking of me :) Next time get a pic of the server so we can all play guess the name ~ HA!

  3. Our server is in the back of the 3rd picture, isn't it? I forget her name but I'll bet Jen remembers - want to guess?

  4. Looks like a fun time..I do a happy hour every Dec with about 20 girlfriends - nothing like spending some time with friends, is there? Is your friend Joy originally from Massachusetts? Looks very familiar to me!


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