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My Computery Stuff Pinterest Board helps me organize all those little computery things I'm totally clueless about for my blog. I pinned a tutorial the other day to help me Add a Reply Button to my comments section for more interaction with comment-ers. The tutorial I used originated at Spice Up Your Blog and was a Pinterest Pass!

The instructions were simple and I had no trouble finding and entering codes (even while still learning my new computer!) to get the reply box installed. Blogger doesn't offer an option for the reply to go to the person's email like WordPress, but it is nice to have my reply line up under the correct comment.

**The only thing I will mention is that your comments need to be set up so they appear at the end of the page instead of in a pop up box, in order for the code to work (I cussed a few times before I figured that one out!).**

So, leave me a comment and I'll reply to you! Ha!

Trophy Wife blogged about a T-shirt Vest...

What pins have YOU tried lately? Drop me a link and I'll check out your post or pin!


  1. I pinned Ham Party rolls from The Country Cook )Brandi). They were so good!

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  3. Well...I tried the one you suggested here and it works! Haha! So happy ;-).

    Thanks so much!


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