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Since things are still in the Disney vein here at Hope Studios, my bloggy friend, Tara, sent me an article about a new Epcot exhibit, Habit Heroes, Disney collaborated with Blue Cross to develop. The new controversial, interactive exhibit is aimed at teaching kids how to live a healthy lifestyle and fight childhood obesity.

Guests will try to resist the allure of fairy-like "Snacker":

And "Sweet Tooth":

And they will battle villains "Lead Bottom" and "Glutton":

with the help of the Habit Heros, "Callie Stenics" and "Will Power":

More characters represent other bad habits, such as "Ice Cappuccino", "Insecura", and "Control Freak".

The exhibit was closed after a soft opening due to controversy from the public. You can read about the controversy HERE.

It's Feedback Friday...

Do you think this concept for a Disney exhibit will help kids develop healthy habits?

Do you think this concept sends the wrong message as the controversy suggests?


  1. Ironically, Epcot once had a similar themed yet broader ranged pavilion under the name Wonders of Life, open from 1989 to 2007. While Habit Heroes was a great innovation, the focus could have been one step better. Though, I can't tell if the Wonders of Life pavilion is tamer compared to the Habit Heroes exhibit... or is it? WOL4EVA, signing off.

  2. W/out actually seeing the exhibit, I can't comment on if it's sending the wrong message. I think exhibits like this will not solve the child obesity issue. No amount of PR in the world (even the magical Disney kind) will make kids choose broccoli over brownies. The only way kids will eat healthy is if their parents make them.

    1. That is at the core of what I feel - parents make the decisions for kids (or they should).

  3. Nope, not gonna' make a difference other than the money that will benefit Disney.

    While reading your article, "oh great, new names to call the fat people in the world."

    Yup, it's the parents responsibility.

  4. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think Snacker and Sweet tooth are kinda cute :) Anyway, in regards to the actual exhibit, I don't think kids really care. Heck, they are at Disney and they when they get to this exhibit, they are just excited that they are blowing up tv's and shooting things regardless of the fact that they are shooting hot dogs with broccoli because it's healtiher! Even if this did register a little bit with the kids ~ when they got home and hotdogs were set on the table I don't think too many kids would say, "hey mom, I can't eat this it's not healthy!" It totally comes down to parenting! Kids can't/won't eat broccoli if they don't have the opportunity! Parenting people! This isn't for Disney (or anyone else) to do for us!

  5. I almost said I wanted people to look at the characters and give their first impressions before reading the article about the controversy because I thought they were cute too.

    I didn't even get that they were making "fat people" the villains, I looked at it as if they were removing the people from the equation and making fat, sweets, and laziness the villains because they don't look like people.

    Would I feel differently if I were overweight? That is something I would have to consider, which is why I love feedback friday.

  6. I definitely see it as fat shaming. I also think it is wrong to make is seem as simple as having "will power" to get over being "fat." I think this was very poorly thought out.

  7. I think a more positive message to send would be to change the food they serve at the park. I disagree with this approach.

    I did read that this exhibit is now closed and the official grand opening has been delayed indefinitely.


    1. Offering healthier food options is a great way to be proactive!


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