Layered Necklaces

Once I had my silver chain cleaned up I decided to wear it!

I love the look of delicate necklaces layered together like Jennifer Aniston or Lea Michele wear. It's a timeless look and you can easily tailor it to your own tastes.

Just grab an assortment of delicate chains and begin to add charms that suit you. I found some tiny charms at Beads and Charms online and put together a little combo inspired by Jennifer Aniston. Look around and see what you already have lying around! Most craft stores have tons of charms to choose from.

Look for charms that have meaning to you, like potential represented by an acorn, a dream in a wishbone, or the luck a ladybug represents, the solution to a problem signified by a key...

What charms would you layer?


  1. That's a good idea - I love that look. I go for very organic or handmade looking charms. Simple, but meaningful. I like Lisa Leonard and The Vintage Pearl.

  2. Love the simplicity of it ~ a nice clean and classic look!

  3. I think Layered Necklaces add just the right amount of extra especially when worn with an outfit that isn't overly feminine. I usually only layer two strands of different lengths, but if I'm feeling extra adventurous I'll add a bigger, blingier necklace to the mix.


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