Tattoo'd Granny - Feedback Friday

Sometimes I browse Pinterest for Feedback Friday ideas - I can tell a hot topic by the number of comments it has received.  Sometimes, it is expected and other times not so much.

I stumbled upon this photo of a older woman proudly displaying her tattoos and noticed 50+ comments ranging from admiration to disgust.

I was surprised at the varied reactions and how strongly they were voiced, both for and against, and decided to put it out there for you.

It's Feedback Friday...

What were your first thoughts when you saw this photo?


  1. My first thought is that it looks fake. Old people's tattoos always look faded and smudgy. Then I read the article and realized that they are only a few years old. So apparently, if you want to have good-looking tattoos at 80, you have to wait until you're 77 to get them.

  2. Who cares what this lady does with her body? Yeah, I don't like them, but who cares if she does? If I make it to 80, I'll probably do whatever I want and it if means I want a full back piece and a couple of sleeves? So be it.

  3. Good for her! She looks happy, and proud to show off her ink. I'd love to hear if there are stories to go with the tats that she chose.

  4. Oh dear, nice Southern woman that I am, I confess that I am just now getting used to the idea of tattoos and that is definitely on someone else's body. My whole life, I was taught that tattoos were associated with 1) unhealthy, unwholesome lifestyles 2) trailer trash 3) enlisted men. I am being honest here and am not particularly proud of my arrogance or bias, in fact it is also rather humiliating to admit it. I also vaguely remembering that there was also a scriptural ban against tattoos in Leviticus or somewhere so you can count that one as another strike. But lo and behold I have four adult children and three of them have tattoos. I also lost my best friend and when each of her children had her name tattooed on themselves, I thought it was fitting. Gasp. I think this lady must feel particularly free from the constraints that I have labored under most of my life. If she's okay with it, then so be it. Even at my old age, I am learning to live and let live and to let go a tiny bit at a time. Just keeping it real here.

    1. Dear The Mom.....Man, I LOVE your honesty and willingness to speak this out loud. You rock! Funny how real life can change us and our opinions sometimes.

      Janet xox

  5. Good for her! She obviously loves them, so why should anyone else care? People who get tattoos generally only get them for themselves - their tattoos have meaning to them and that's all that matters. I love that she's not afraid to express herself!

  6. Love it!And ditto :good for her! SHe looks happy and healthy. At the tender age of 55 I don't have any tattoos (yet), but I've seen a lot that are amazing works of art. Tattoos have (re)taught me not to judge a book by it's cover!

  7. If she waited until her 70's to get them done, then more power to her. At hear age, she can do whatever she wants!

  8. Although I think she looks absolutely ridiculous, part of me says that if you live to be that age, you should be able to do whatever you want. LOL.

  9. my first thought was:
    Wow! There is a woman really enjoying herself and going for what makes her happy. SHE IS FREE!!!Personally, it's not for me..

  10. To each his own. I am sure she gets a lot of stares. :-)

  11. I love it! Why should it be any different if it were a young person covered in tattoos? Will not they look like that eventually?


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