Where Does Santa Spend His Summer?

I spotted Santa shopping for some flowers at my local Lowe's this weekend and it occurred to me that Pittsburgh is the perfect spot for Santa's summer vacation!  Pittsburgh is downright balmy compared to the North Pole!

So, now we know some things we didn't know about Santa...he hangs out in my town and he likes marigolds and petunias!  Who knew?


  1. I used to think I knew the real Santa. I me this down-right jolly older couple in Germany about 20 years ago that couldn't have looked more like the Claus's. Their last name was even "Winter".

  2. Love! Have to start shopping at your Lowes!

  3. Okay - that is just plain funny!

  4. Thats Great! After Christmas my littlest and I saw Santa shopping at Costco ~ she was freaking out :)

  5. Thanks for this made my day. Well make sure to keep us updated on Santa when winter comes. :)

  6. Thank you so much for hosting, Jennifer! Have a wonderful Tuesday! :)

    ~Stephanie @loveolympiajune


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