Make a Mess

Now that the kids are home from school for the summer, this is how my entryway looks on most days.  I know that parents are supposed to teach their kids to clean up after themselves, but for most of the school year these toys are tucked away in a bin and shut in a closet.

But now that it's summer break, I see this on most days:

With the TV off and the toys just waiting for them, they are drawn into a game by just walking through the room.  So, maybe we'll work on cleaning up after ourselves in September...


  1. Nothing wrong with a little mess to keep them entertained.... :)

  2. I cannot tell you how long we had a make shift Matchbox car racing ramp running down the central hallway in our house! Enjoy the mess. Too soon the day will come that they won't be making a mess with toys. You will miss those days, I promise!

  3. Oh Tech Decks...the bane of my existence! I don't mind the mess as much as the "traveling" ramps..oh and the noises that they make with it!

  4. September...... I think September sounds great! :)

  5. I loved it when my kids had their friends over. Our house was often the house to go to and it made me feel good that I knew they were safe and I could keep an eye on the goings on. I miss those kind of messes. :) Enjoy it while it lasts. Now my husband leaves messes to keep me happy. lol NOT!


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