A Greasy Situation

It's funny how we all have our little tricks for this and that around the house.  My mother-in-law saves a coffee can under the kitchen sink to collect cooking grease.  She stayed at our house and looked under the sink... and found...NO COFFEE CAN!

She was thrown for a loop.  I giggled because it takes a heck of a lot more to throw me for a loop (but I digress).

Anyway, we had to describe step-by-step how we handle  "greasy situations" around our house.

Line a bowl with foil:

Pour in grease:
 Place in fridge:
Nice and solid...
 Make a little package and throw away!
Yep, rocket science.


  1. I saw this on Pinterest and started doing it because we live out in the country on septic and I can't put grease down the drain. It is great and works every time!

  2. OMG! You are throwing away bacon grease???? I think I am getting dizzy. You never throw away bacon grease. ~grins~ It is like magic or something.

  3. So much better than a coffee can! :)

  4. Thats a good little tip thank you.

  5. The Princess of Everything is a woman after my own heart - bacon grease makes green beans, cabbage, and just about every other veggie taste amazing and it only takes a tiny amount...bacon grease also makes cornbread and scrambled eggs delish. I keep mine in an old coffee cup in the fridge and use it whenever I think olive oil or butter just won't do...

    1. I would totally share my bacon grease with you Rustown Mom.

  6. In Denmark we buy milk in some kind of cardcarton (don´t know the right word for it - Hard paper "bottles") - Those are perfect for greasy stuff - Just put the grease in the carton, leave it for some hours, and then throw it in the trashbin. Do you have something like that in US?

  7. Great idea for tossing grease! I'm going to do this from now on!


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