Car Garbage Can

For some reason, garbage collection in our car has always been a challenge. If I choose a garbage bag that attaches to the back of the seat someone is complaining that it is in their face, if I choose one that attaches in the front or back of the car only certain passengers can reach it, if I put one on the right, the person on the left can't reach it...

It's so frustrating!

Not to mention that garbage bags meant for cars are either expensive and/or too flimsy to hold up.

I really love projects that use items I might otherwise throw away. So, why not use garbage to collect garbage?!?

I found an empty cereal box that fit into the bottom of my car door, cut the front a bit lower than the back, covered it with pretty paper, and lined it with a bag.

Place it back into the door and you have a garbage can for everyone!  It's easy, inexpensive, and convenient.  No more complaining about garbage!


  1. such a great idea - we just got a 'new to us' van and I want to keep it as clean as possible!!! (plus we go through so much cereal, we should never run out of these!)

  2. Garbage is an issue for my vehicle too. I love this idea. I made one myself today and have the post showing it scheduled for July 5. I linked back to you as my source of inspiration.


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