September 11

 While I am away in London, our own country remembers a meaningful date in our history.

Our family visited NYC this summer and made a stop at the National September 11 Memorial while there.  Did you know you can take a virtual tour of the memorial online?

Did you know that our U.S. schools are not mandated to have 9/11 teachings in the curriculum?  I learned while I was there that because of Youtube and other internet outlets, our kids are learning lots of false information and "conspiracy theories" rather than learning the facts. Kids are accepting this information as fact, because they are not taught anything different.  This needs to be corrected.

The National Memorial Website has lesson plans that can be downloaded here:    https://www.911memorial.org/lesson-plans

Names of each victim are etched into the walls surrounding each waterfall.  The names are grouped according to what building they died in or near. They are also arranged with co-workers and friends together.

Buildings are being erected right now to surround the original World Trade Towers footprint.

The original footprint of the towers has been transformed into waterfalls that cascade into a bottomless hole, representing the void left by this tragedy.  It's really beautiful and symbolic.

Can a tree make you cry?  This "Survivor Tree"  was planted in the original World Trade Center plaza in the 1970's.  After 9/11 it was brought to a NYC park and nursed back to health.  It was returned to the WTC site in 2010 and has sprouted new branches and grown to be 30 feet tall.  It is a touching symbol of survival.

May we never forget 9/11.

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  1. Just got a chance to see the memorial for the first time last Sunday. It didn't seem as sad as when there was nothing but a big hole in the ground. Nice to see it mostly completed.


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