Flu Season


I just read this story on MSN about a healthy 17 year old boy who died from the flu in under a week last year.   Sometimes I wonder if I take the flu seriously enough.

It's Feedback Friday...

Do you vaccinate your kids against the flu?

Do you vaccinate yourself?


  1. I would never get the flu shot. A lot of times it diesn't work or it can give you the flu. Also all drugs have side effects. I believe in keeping the immune strong by eating very healthy, being in the sunshine, and getting exercise. I am just recovering from a bad cold but I was only real sick one day with a 102 degree fever but woke up the next day feeling much better. I gargled with salt water all day and lived on tea and honey. I think a healthy immune system is the key.

  2. Actually, you cannot get the flu from the shot. It is dead. A strong immune system is very important, you had a cold. That is different. The flu kills!!! If you do not get the flu shot and you do get the flu, you are an absolute danger to others who do not have a strong immune system, such as those going through chemotherapy for cancer. If you don't get the shot, you'd better stay home. My husband is very immune suppressed this year due to chemotherapy and leukemia, and if he gets the flu, I will be planning a funeral. That's just as plain as I can say it. It is not just about you, it's about anyone you are in contact with. Even people you do not know who just touched the shopping cart you just left. or the key pad at the checkout that you just used. Please, get your flu shots.

  3. my littlest isn't getting the shot but she's home with me 99% of the time. My 3 yr old got it because she's starting preK in the coming weeks. My husband got it today since he's a middle school educator. USUALLY we don't do this, but I'm about to start an immuno-suppresent drug and 1) I cannot get any vaccines while on it and 2) obviously I wont die, but I'd most likely get the flu.

    But, one must realize even the shots don't prevent from getting the flu. It's just an educated guess from previous year strains. So really the best option is healthy habits of washing hands.

  4. It is crazy to think that you can die from something as common as the flu.
    My husband is in the military and so he gets one every year. The kids and I are hit and miss and will get it if we happen to be down on base for some reason. I am pro-vaccines, but lazy and it isn't as big of a priority as it should be.

  5. I get the flue shot every year, as i work as an x-ray tech and see firsthand how sick people are who have it. The flu shot is no guarantee you won't get it, but why not mitigate your risk? Plus, my employer provides it to me and requires me to wear a mask if I choose not to get the shot. It is a common misconception that you can get the flue from the DEAD flue virus that you are vaccinated with. Simply not true. However, you may get a strain that is not included in this year's shot. flue vaccines are not exact as the virus is a mutating and evil genius! I think I would like to get my college kids vacc'd this year - just don't want them to miss school, not to mention be terribly ill.

  6. OMG - please forgive my typos...long day at work! (:

  7. Influenza is not just a "bad cold" and kills thousands every year. If not for yourself, do it for the elderly or immuno- compromised out there.

  8. No vacs here - I go 100% with Lori in the first comment. All chemicals have side effects - I once talked to a prof who was convinced that a lot of cases of epilepsy, nacrolepsi and autism are results of vaccines.
    While I can not know whether this is true or not, it shows me how relative "facts" are - think back, people once believed contergan was totally save - turned out it wasn´t.
    Also, I believe vaccines just create an illusion of safety - you can never buffer yourself and your kids against everything. Driving cars of choking on popcorn also kills quite a lot of people - still most of us drive cars and eat popcorn.

  9. I am vaccinated for the flu and pneumonia. I have asthma and chronic fatigue syndrome so it's important that I do. I haven't vaccinated my son as he has a really good immune system and has had the flu previously and didn't suffer as much as a lot of people. I have thought about it often but the pain after the injection is quite bad and I think it would put him off having other injections. As I have problems with my immune system I am trying to make my sons a lot stronger. Eating healthly, only taking medication when obsolutley necessary and keep him fit and healthy so his body can deal with what is thrown at it. Fingers crossed so far it's working. He wouldn't be entitiled to the jab anyway over here.

  10. I read the article, and the brief was so misleading. It turns out the boy's death was due to MRSA (perhaps compounded by his lowered resistance from the flu as well as vigorous physical exercise while suffering from the flu). I do not get a flu shot. It is true that older people often can have stronger resistance to flu and cold viruses because of the accumulation of exposure to different strains over the decades of their lives. The immunity from a vaccine is short-lived, and earned immunity is much longer lasting. I don't want to be in a situation where I am immune-compromised and it happens to be a year when vaccinations just aren't available. If my exposure to an earlier flu can help me survive, I'll be glad I did this. I will vaccinate my boys for HPV (so they can help prevent cervical cancer in their future partners) and I will have vaccines for deadly diseases; but I will not get a flu shot unless I'm in a condition where I'm not taking the shot from someone who may need it much more than me.

    That being said, I don't really get sick. I am very aware of the need to wash my hands frequently, and I carry baby wipes to clean my hands whenever I leave a store. I also make it a point to stay hydrated and clean my sinuses (I use ocean) during peak seasons.

    I do wholeheartedly agree that no matter what, each of us needs to stay home when we're sick and take care of ourselves. No one is so important that we need to be out spreading germs everywhere, or making ourselves more sick by not getting adequate rest and self-care.


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