3D Handprints - Christmas Break Project #1 -

So, the kiddos are off for the holidays and if you are like me, you are scrambling to come up with stuff to keep them busy for 9 days.   Wait...9 days?!?

Today, I have a simple, yet time consuming project that yields a cool optical illusion.

Begin by tracing your hand on a piece of white paper lightly with a pencil...

Begin at one side of the paper and draw a lines of different colors.  When you get to the edge of the finger,  make the line curve up a bit the width of the finger, then back down and straight across to the other side of the paper.

Repeat a bajillion times, changing colors in a random order.

Remember making these in grade school art class?  The hand appears to lift right off the paper! Frrreeeeekyyyy!

Now, go enjoy a cup of coffee while the kids are occupied.

Come back tomorrow for block print t-shirts (gather up a Styrofoam meat tray, fabric ink, an old t-shirt and an ink roller to be prepared).


  1. Very cool - wonder if I could get my 14 year old to do that? Heck, I'd make one of my own hand!

  2. That is an awesome idea. I showed my 8 year old on his way to bed, and told him we would be doing that tomorrow. Thanks for the tutorial!


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