GIANT Snowflakes! - Christmas Break Project #4 -

 Grab your supplies for GIANT Snowflakes!

6 pieces of printer paper cut into a square (8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches)
Scotch tape
My middle son made these at school last year and I have been wanting to make a bunch ever since!

Begin by folding your paper in half, corner to corner, to form a triangle.

Cut 3 slits to the center on each side, being careful not to cut all the way through.

Unfold your paper.

Begin by rolling the center diamond, corner to corner, and taping.

Flip the paper over and roll the next diamond corners toward each other and tape. You can see here are the corners rolled into each other.

Repeat with all the strips, flipping the paper over each time until you have taped all the strips to form a "petal" like this:

 Repeat 5 times with remaining paper.

Take 3 of the "petals" and place the free ends together and staple. Repeat with remaining 3 "petals".  Now you have 2 halves which you will staple together in the center:

Now, staple each petal to the next one at the taped corners to join all of them as one and help the snowflake retain it's shape without flopping apart.

Ta Da!  A GIANT Snowflake!

Join me tomorrow for Fizzy Fun! (Gather baking soda, food coloring, vinegar, and an eye dropper so you are ready!)


  1. Love these! This is a perfect craft for today! Thanks for the instructions!

  2. Love these! When I was working at a school, I would decorate my Classroom with them :)


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