I Want to See That "Movie"!

Is it totally crazy that the two movies I really want to see this season are actually commercials??

Is it even crazier that I get tricked in the beginning of each commercial and still think they are movies??

So, anyway, I'm dying to see the fun, quirky comedy called Connecting Flights:

And, now I'm dying to see the Prabal Gurung for Target movie:

Anyhoo, my Soul Sisters and I did see an actual movie last week in an actual theater!  We went to a noon showing of Silver Linings Playbook on Tuesday (which happened to be $5 movie day, WOOT!).

Because we were "sneaking out" to "play hooky" we were discussing if we would spill the beans to our husbands.  As we entered the theater (thinking it would be empty at noon on a Tuesday) I was making a big show of stuffing my ticket into my mouth to eat the evidence as we rounded the low wall into the theater...
which happened to have stadium seating...
and we were entering in the center of the theater...
and the seats were packed with a sea of blue haired ladies...
who all stopped and looked down at us in unison...

So, we did the only think we could do - we burst out laughing, ducked, and ran back out of the theater!  We were pretty out of control with all the laughing and tears and it took a bit to get under control but we pulled it together enough to get ourselves seated.  We were whispering a bit during the trailers about which movies looked good and everyone in the seats around us was dead silent  UNTIL the trailer for Quartet came on!

Holy smokes! Those old ladies started pointing and giggling and making plans like a bunch of teenagers who just heard a Justin Bieber concert announcement!  So....we started laughing again.  Honestly, you can't take us anywhere!

Well, we loved Silver Linings, of course.  Here is my favorite scene:

What movie should we see next?  Side Effects looks good!

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