Easter Traditions

Share your family's Easter Traditions!


  1. It's just too early this year. I didn't buy anyone new Easter clothes or put up 1 single decoration. I bought some eggs and a dye kit, but not one of my kids will dye them with me. I got the idea from another mom years ago to have the Easter Bunny come Saturday morning. I don't have any problem with the secular aspects, but I like the idea of saving Sunday for the more spiritual reasons of Easter. I'll check back later to see what other fun traditions people have, b/c we're lame.

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    1. Just checked back to see if anyone had any fun ideas. I attribute lack of comments to lameness all around-we are just the only 2 that will admit it:)

  3. I bought an egg for my husband. That's it :)

    p.s. I don't decorate for anything other than Christmas so I feel less lame but lame still

  4. I have 2 dozen eggs on the stove right now. My kids love coloring eggs, and I do too. Besides the eggs and baskets we don't do anything.


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