Fix Those Aviators!

 Rockin' my aviators with my sister in law in Key West last spring!
I love my aviator sunglasses, and I found the perfect pair of Vera Wang's for my small head at Khol's. After I got them I was in love, I looked at them in the rear view mirror, I checked them out in car windows as I passed by.

Suddenly, one day I looked down and my sunglasses fell right off my face!  What the heck??

It was the end of the season, so I bought another pair...about 2 months later the same thing happened.  One day, perfect, the next day they won't stay up.  Is my head fluctuating in size on a day to day basis?

Well, I was determined to figure this out before buying another pair.

After some fiddling around with the nose pieces, the screws, and the bows of the glasses, I realized that they were stretching ever-so-slightly right between the hinge and the lens.  I think it might have something to do with propping them on my head, taking them off with one hand while pulling to the side, and hanging them from the collar of my shirt.

Here is the easy fix that will save your next pair of aviators! Whoopee!

Place your glasses upside down on a table and hold them steady near the lens.  
Using needle nosed pliers, bend the part between the hinge and the lens just a teeny bit toward the lens (if you want to protect the metal from scratching, place a thin piece of fabric between the glasses and the pliers).  
Don't get crazy, just move tiny tiny bits on both sides while trying them on periodically until they fit perfectly again.

Easy peasy.

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