Shopping Trip to Hobby Lobby

The Soul Sisters went shopping last month and I took some photos of some things that caught my eye so you could tag along.  We stopped at IKEA to get our meatball on,  then headed over to Hobby Lobby (I thought it was Home Goods at first and was mixed up)

This funky patchwork chair and sofa set was so bright and quirky! I would love to have something like this in my studio...but then I might not get anything done.  Upon closer inspection, this is actually one fabric printed with several patterns to create the illusion of patchwork!  Clever.

I liked the aged multi-colored drawers on these dressers.  Looks like the kind of thing I might find in my friend Janet's shop,  only her's would be even more fantastic with all the chalk paint colors she carries!  Good for inspiration.

I was fascinated by these baskets made from Chinese newspapers.  I would like to attempt to learn how to do this during the summer.  This is recycling at it's finest. I could make a basket from newspapers to collect my recycled newspapers!

Treat Girl found some lovely fabrics, I'm noticing my photos are getting worse the further into the store and away from natural light we get.

 I won't embarrass her by showing you the Bambi fabric she was swooning over...well maybe just a small picture...

Check out this wire lamp shade form strung with ribbon and glass discs???  Doable!

Treat Girl also found these cool metal numbers that she was going to use to make artwork with her wedding date on it.  Hey, Treat Girl, did you ever show me a picture of the finished project?

There were so many  colorful knobs and pulls you could dress up any old piece of furniture.

I loved these ready to hang, screen printed, metal alphabet tiles but couldn't think of just the right word to spell.  My home is a little over run with "typography" art right now.

And that was our field trip to Hobby Lobby...


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    All those pics were from Home Goods? We don't have fabric at ours! Bummer, wish they did. I am going to go and check out if they have those numbers and knobs at ours...I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


  2. I've never seen fabric at ours either - you are so lucky!

  3. What a lot of lovely things. I love the patchwork sofas and the round handles so colourful.

  4. I'm wondering the same thing as the other ladies.... fabric at your home goods ~ waaahat!

  5. Oh, I think it was Hobby Lobby! We don't have either very near me and I got mixed up!

  6. Awwwwwww...what a sweet shout out!! I love Hobby Lobby...best place for knobs and pulls. Looks like you ladies had a fun day.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

    PS....you guys need to come for a fun private workshop!!!!!

  7. I love Hobby Lobby!! I get most of my apron fabrics for my Etsy shop from there. It is such a great store...and don't forget the weekly 40% off coupon! That makes the item you have been loving a much better price...

    Thanks for sharing!
    Katy :)

  8. OH MY GOSH do we need a Hobby Lobby in southwest Virginia!!! I'm so jealous that you have a friend to shop with. My best shopping buddy is my daughter who is about to go off to college in the fall...time to make a new friend!

  9. Miss!!!!! What a great day that was!! And I forgot how stinkin' cute that Bambi fabric was :) I actually just have my numbers leaning up against my mantle...my anniversary Feb. 13....0213. But Cub couldn't believe I put them in the wrong order for the year...2013 and re-arranged them for me!!


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