Photo Dilemma - Feedback Friday

Anyone who follows my Pinterest knows that I have been planning a "Insta-Grad" (instagram theme) party for my son's 8th Grade Recognition this year.  Our 8th graders move up to the high school and our school has a themed dance following the ceremony each year.

We plan to have everything relate in one way or another to photographs.  We have a baby picture guessing game, slideshows, a rented photo booth, and some areas set up like those "Disney Kokak Picture Spots" so the kids could pose with their friends.

The party is today.

The principal told me yesterday he is now uncomfortable.

The party is today.

Here is what he is uncomfortable with...

The photo spots are set up with props, for example, one is a School Spirit Spot with a background and lots of things in our school colors for the kids to dress up in an pose with an adult chaperone there to take their photos with their cameras - most likely their phones.  Here is an example with my 10 year old posing in our driveway:

The principal is suddenly worried about the photos since they will likely be taken on the students' phones.  He has been waffling for the the last 24 hours.  First, he said,

"Sure! Sounds great! We'll have to meet with the volunteers ahead of time to go over rules." 

Next he said "Nope, not going to work. I'm uncomfortable.  Who knows what they will do with those photos?!? Sorry." 

Then he came back and said "Okay, it's fine, just let me talk to the adult in charge before the event." 

Now, it's "I think we need to use a school camera, let me approve every photo prior to releasing them to the students, then send them out via the web somehow, password protected, individually." (there are 250 students who have RSVP'd)

Soooo, I thought I would send it out to you, what do  you think?  It's Feedback Friday...

Does the idea of kids posing for photos with an adult in charge of taking the photo make you uncomfortable?

Do you feel differently knowing they are in school?

Do you feel differently knowing the photo could be taken on a phone?


  1. ARHGGG! Is the principal always this indecisive? With a responsible adult in charge, I would have no problem. What if the adult was the one that actually took the picture on the kid's phone?

  2. That is the plan, the adults will take all the photos. I've never known him to be this indecisive!

  3. So here's the deal (and don't take this wrong), kids in a crowd of other kids are stupid. Plain and simple. The "danger" of let's say unappealing photos in an adult supervised photo area has got to be way less then let's say a group of boys huddled in a corner taking close ups of their nose (well you know). Unless he makes the event phone free, there's going to be pics on the internet...Facebook will be filled with duck lips and kids sticking out their tongues and doing crazy things...wouldn't matter what your theme was!

    Wow, super long post...I'll admit...I have a box of some pretty crazy pics from school...and they're hilarious! Rights of passage, tell him to chill lol.

  4. That's exactly what I thought. Since cell phones are allowed, I figured the pix we'd take would be tame compared to what they will be doing on their own!

    Sometimes I think schools operate on an "avoid a lawsuit" mentality these days. Ultimately, it's the parents themselves to blame for that.

  5. I gotta agree with Shelly. I don't see any danger in adults snapping pics of the kids. The kids are going to be taking pics on their own anyway.

  6. What is it with principals....sorry, just working hard to not let ours get her contract renewed......
    Anyway, With cell phones already allowed, and adults supervising, really what harm will be done?


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