Spring Cleaning

My mother in law is hard core when it comes to cleaning.  In fact, any time my kids smell Murphy's Oil Soap, they ask if "MiMi" is here.  She has burned out several vacuum cleaners and can NOT move on with her day until things are clean!

Flash forward to me, her messy daughter in law, who likes things picked up but can totally go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink if a party ends after midnight, to be dealt with in the morning.

Well, it's April and on my mother in laws schedule is Spring Cleaning.  The real, old-fashioned, wash the walls down, take every dish out of the kitchen cabinets kind of Spring Cleaning.

It's Feedback Friday...

Do you Spring Clean?

How in depth do you get with  it?


  1. Gosh... I like you more and more. I feel very successful if my house is picked up and the dishes are done by the time I go to bed anymore :) As far as spring cleaning, I don't conscientiously think, "hey lets spring clean", it's more like sheesh, I can't see through my dirty windows, I should wash them.....

  2. Nope-unless we happen to be moving or I am expecting company. My mom sounds like your MIL. Cleaning is her hobby and I love when she comes and stays with my kids. They go to school and she spends the day cleaning. It totally offends one of my sisters, but I was just looking at how dirty my baseboards are and was thinking it may be time for a little trip:)

  3. I live with 4 boys and one grown man. I've almost given up. I consider having all the laundry folded my spring cleaning. :)

  4. No, I don't Spring Clean. I didn't know people really did such a thing until I got married and my MIL and FIL brought up the subject in a casual conversation!! They are from Ohio and started with the walls and ended with any creaky boards under the carpet. I was in shock!!


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