Hosting a Farewell Party

Dear friends of ours are moving this week and I knew that I wanted to host something special for them before they left.  I organized a Farewell Party last weekend and I wanted to share.

I used Evite for the invitation, but there were no templates for goodbye parties, so I had to wing it by using a general themed invite.  I had trouble with the phrasing and finally settled on "A Farewell Party in Honor of (my friends' names)".

I ordered a customized photo book from Shutterfly using my coupon code for free shipping (SHIP30).  I filled it with our photos together from over the years and added friendship quotes.  You can see our journey together here:

I found a hard bound notebook with their last initial on it and attached a pen and encouraged friends to write a goodbye note for them to take along with them.

We started the evening at a local restaurant with a Tuscan theme, so I made this simple centerpiece to decorate the table:

Here is a quick photo tutorial so you can make one for yourself:

Use clear, nesting containers. 

Slice fruit of choice and place slices between the two nesting containers.  I used lemons and sunflowers to keep with the Tuscan theme of the restaurant.

Cut flower stems so that the blooms are just above the opening of the container.  

Fill with water,  placing flowers in the center container and around the outside container to help hold the sliced fruit in place.

We moved on to a local nightclub after dinner to listen to a band and party our sadness away.

Since we couldn't use any decorations in the rented "lounge area" that attached to the walls or ceiling, we filled clear vases with different sizes of glow sticks.  These served as decoration and people began to wear them once the party got started.  We also used bunches of balloons and big bowls filled with bead necklaces to brighten up our area.

Though we had a great, fun night, it was still so sad to say goodbye to a friend that has become more like a sister over the years.  I swear I haven't said goodbye to a good friend since college and the tears won't stop flowing!

Goodbye, my friend!  Til we meet again in Key West next Memorial Day!


  1. What a lovely friend you are to have done this. It is always so sad when people we have fun with move on. But you have all your memories and I'm sure you will keep in touch.

  2. Awww....... I feel so sad for you!!!! What a great party and I LOVE love LOVE the book idea! I'm certain they will treasure it forever!

  3. Looks like you had a great time! I had to say good bye to my family last night (again) and it's sad. Good thing you have a plan to meet up again!

    I finally made it back from my trip so my comments are late...
    Thanks for sharing at Tuesdays with a Twist! Looking forward to seeing what you share this week!



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