Tombstone Fun - Feedback Friday

Ha, did that title get your attention?  It's Feedback Friday!

I saw a post on Facebook the other day that asked this question:

If you died today and the last text you received was written on your tombstone, what would it say?

While googling "tombstone" to make mine for you, this tombstone with the word Hope came up on the first page.  Kind of creepy!  Anyway, here is my last text:

Check your phone!  What would your tombstone say?


  1. I don´t have a cellphone!
    But then again, I´m not really into getting burried in the earth anyway - I´d rather get burned - so maybe that fits.
    If I could pick one, I´d take
    "Though my soul may set in darkness
    it will rise in perfect light
    I have loved the stars too fondly
    to be fearful of the night"
    by Sara Williams - I found it in Cassandra Clares Infernal devices and really, really love it.

  2. Too funny, my last text was from Verizon telling me that my bill was ready to view :)

  3. The last text I sent was "finally" (in response to my husband telling me he was on his way home after a long hard day at work) That would be kinda creepy and weird to put on a tombstone.

  4. Received: I wanna get started as soon as I can really as I need to b leaving about 5ish...Say 9ish

    (spelling and grammar left as is)

    Sent: Ok, just text me when you're on your way.

    Boring I guess for a tombstone though.

  5. My last received text: "We went to the library. I prob won't leave again." Sent by a friend - ha ha! And I love the library...

    1. Appropriate then! "I prob wont be leaving again!"

  6. "$1 beer night and there are fireworks after the game. Game starts at 7 pm. All are welcome to join!"

    Well. I've always wanted my funeral to be a party. I guess there will be fireworks and beer to go with it. :)

    1. I'm coming to your funeral for sure! Cheap beer & fireworks?? Win/win!

  7. "Ok have a good wknd. X"
    Kind of fitting if the funeral was held on a Saturday!

  8. "Grab your spear and have sweet dreams!"

    My husband and I had gone to dinner with some friends who told us about a crazy dream he had where he woke his wife up by telling her he couldn't find his spear! He was a little under the weather and just told me that he had taken some Nyquil and was going to bed.

  9. Just for a visit, right? Would be funny to read that :)


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