What to do in Key West

The Big Guy and I have been visiting Key West together for the past 15 years or so. We love it more and more, and at this point, it feels like coming home as we step off plane onto the hot runway.

Our favorite place to stay is Simonton Court - a little oasis one block off Duval Street.  You can see the inconspicuous entrance to the left of the building visible from Simonton Street.  This compound used to be a cigar factory that was converted into a collection of cottages, rooms, and townhouses.

The gate is locked with a code once it's dark and this little spot is protected from any riff raff that might wander down from Duval Street late at night.

Look at this front porch with rocking chairs facing Simonton Street!  So cute!  We stayed in a room at the back of this building this year, facing the interior of Simonton Court.

Here is our room, called Honeysuckle.  It was a sweet little room off the front gate with whitewashed walls, a comfy bed, and huge shower.  We try to stay in a different room every time we visit.

Here is the path leading from our room to the interior of the compound.  You won't believe what this path leads to!

This gorgeous main pool is our favorite - there are 4 others.  It used to be an old cistern and the original bricks remain on each of the 4 corners.  You can see the Manor House near the back and the breakfast area in between.

Come on back Monday and I'll tell you about some of the places we visited and fun things to do in Key West!


  1. Key West was one of our Ports of Call a few years ago on a cruise and we love the few hours we spent there. That looks like a pretty amazing place to stay. Although, we have had so little married time lately, I'd settle for a room at the Holiday off the freeway:)


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