Feedback Friday - The Grand Tour?

It's a holiday weekend and the time of year for visitors.  I saw some etiquette questions I liked and thought this one was appropriate.

It's Feedback Friday...

When someone new visits your home, should you always give them a tour of  your house?


  1. Unless you have a grand house that you want to show off, I don't think you need to. Really, all anyone needs to know is where to find the bathroom.

  2. Our house is on three levels so they come in on the ground floor, walk through the living room, then I bring them downstairs to the kitchen and sitting room where we can have a drink so they get a half house tour :)

  3. Huh! No way! I always feel weired when people feel compelled to show me their whole house. Sometimes they are intimidated because their house is smaller, sometimes because it´s bigger then ours.
    Also, when they have a gigantic photo of their baby hanging over their bed, I feel akward seeing that.
    We have a huge lower level, and two upper levels, so I always check the lowest level is fit for visitors - and the rest is our privat zone.

  4. Nope, unless it's my Mom. Really who else cares? I may show off a specific room, if I've just something interesting.

  5. Never given anyone a 'grand tour'. When people come for a visit they only need to see the ground floor (it's pretty open plan and people usually end up in the kitchen or living room) and possibly the downstairs loo!

  6. I feel the same way - I feel uncomfortable with people traipsing through my bedroom! I've been to several homes where "the tour" is given and one time I saw nude photos of the couple displayed on their bedroom wall...awkward...

  7. ugh!!! now I will never accept a tour into someone's bedroom!!!! my home is pretty open and all on one floor... so no one needs a tour... especially of the messy bedrooms behind closed door :)


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