Just Throw It Out The Window - Feedback Friday

As a child on car trips, I can remember that phrase now and then when I would ask what to do with certain items: apple cores, gum, etc...

I find myself repeating the same phrase to my own kids now and then, but always worry that the car behind me might not understand.  What if they think my gum is a cigarette butt or my apple core is really a wadded up hamburger wrapper?  What if they know it's an apple core but still disapprove? What if that person is busy tossing a cigarette butt because they were raised to believe it was ok?

We scout for just the right spot with no traffic in sight then make the covert toss.  It occurred to me one day that if we are so secretive about it, maybe we shouldn't be doing it?

It's Feedback Friday...

Do you think it's ever ok to throw "garbage" out of your car window?

What kinds of things were you raised throwing out the window and what things do you toss now?


  1. No, it is never alright. I often marvel as I travel through so many states (recently helping our eldest daughter on her move to Colorado from Pgh - and during our times living in VA, NC, NOLA and NJ) at just how tidy their roads berms are. Of course, blanket statements are never completely accurate and of course I've seen some pretty abysmal road sides. But by and large, PA has a problem with litterbugs. I know you are talking about biodegradeable items, like the apple core, but it's a habit and an irresponsible one at that. Worse, you've involved your kids in it. Cigarette butts, gum, McD's cups or appliances - I don't want to see it on the sidewalk, berm or brush along side a road. It would be better to keep a garbage bag in your car.

  2. It's never OK to throw rubbish out of windows. Whatever the rubbish is, people should put it in the rubbish bin. Being in the car is no excuse for tossing rubbish--car ashtrays are good for smaller rubbish like gum, and having a carrier bag to hand is always useful for bigger rubbish. I was brought up to take rubbish home with me, or put it in a public bin. We always did this on trips out when I was a kid and even now I wouldn't toss anything out of a car window.

  3. I've tossed apple cores many a time, usually out in the country, along a weedy road. Never in someone's yard! It's not rubbish - it's biodegradable apple. That grows outside, by the way and will contribute to the general ecology. Now a McD's wrapper, cans, etc. That's a different thing entirely...Still, a plastic grocery sack is usually in my car on long trips.

  4. Things like apple cores and fruit stems I wouldn't question tossing out the window into the grass along the road. (As a previous comment mentioned - not in someone's yard, but on a long roadtrip)... an apple is an apple. It came from the ground, how is it going to hurt the land on the side of the road? It's not.

    Trash that is simply trash like cigarettes and food wrappers, I would never even consider throwing out the window (although I have had a receipt fly out an open window before I could catch it... ugh. boo.). Stick it in a bag and wait until you can get to a trashcan.

  5. I remember throwing Apple cores put the window up, I think it's still ok if it will land in a field/great area.
    However, I have a Facebook acquaintance who recently posted about throwing her banana Powell on the ground at a gas station because "the birds will eat it". And how mad she got when someone picked it up and threw it away for her. She picked it back out of the garbage and the ir on the ground again.
    Absolutely ridiculous!

  6. Wow, I really should have proof read that. That's embarrassing...

  7. We don't throw anything out the window. I actually wanted to yell at the car in front of me yesterday for throwing a burger wrapper out their window. Then I noticed their license plate....they were from Indiana, we're in MI. I wonder if they throw their garbage on the roads at home too.

    I guess apple cores, or other fruit parts are fine. I wouldn't throw them out when someone is behind me though. You never know if it will land on their windshield or something.


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