What's Your Channel?

Whenever I get a minute for myself to turn on the TV, I've noticed I make the rounds of the exact same channels: Bravo, E!, and HGTV. 

Like clockwork, I check each one of them and usually find something to watch (I'm a sucker for all things Kardashian or Real Housewives...don't judge).  If not, I surf a little bit usually starting with the Discovery channels then the networks.

What are your go-to TV channels when it's your time to control the remote?


  1. In the rare instances that I control the remote I'm watching a DVR'd instance of the Big Bang Theory or the Weather Channel... I know... "Boring" - Don't Judge {wink}

  2. I blame my DVR, but I have no clue what channel or what time anything comes on.

  3. I watch PBS if I watch at all. Can't wait for the return of Downton Abbey and re-runs of Mr. Selfridge. (:

  4. We got rid of our cable, so we are watching reruns on Netflix. We are geeks, so we went through all the episodes of Dr. Who, Star Trek: Next Generation, and now we're working on Voyager.


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